How To Get That Workout Glow With Make-Up

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Make-up

Want that healthy workout glow every day, even when you don’t have time to actually clock a sweat sesh? Good news! You can fake it with make-up.

Athleisure For Your Face

You’re already rocking the athleisure look – an excuse to wear gorgeous leggings and trainers out the gym? Hells yes! Let this trend last forever! Well, now it’s time to complete the it with a fresh, glowing look for your face. Sweaty forehead aside, you actually look pretty damn gorgeous when you exercise. It’s the blood flow to your lips and cheeks, creating a natural flush. Even that sweat plays a role, defining your brows and smudging your liner for just a hint of smoky drama. And the endorphin rush you get once your breath comes back equals wide, bright eyes.

Cheat It Like A Pro

To see how it’s done, we went behind the scenes with make-up artist Maria de Vos as she prepped out Next Fitness Star winner Mapule Ndhlovu for her fitness spread in the August issue of Women’s Health. Here are three key tips we picked up:

1 Don’t be afraid to blend
Whether it’s foundation, powder or even lipstick, your perfect shade may not be in one bottle. Play around with a few different options in a similar palette to find your perfect shade.

2 Go matte, but not flat
Powder your skin to avoid looking oily, but don’t cake the powder on. You want a bit of shine to come through on your brow and cheeks for a highlighting effect. Touches of highlighter in key areas like your eyelids and apples of your cheeks add the illuminating effect.

3 Fill in your brows
You may think your brows are fine as is, but filling them in lightly finishes off the look in that way that makes people say, “You’ve done something different…I’m not sure what it is, but you look great!”

Now watch the video to see how it’s done.

Want more tips? For step-by-step instructions to faking a workout glow, with product recommendations, get the August issue of Women’s Health. In the same issue, you’ll get Mapule’s Ready, Steady, Shred! ultimate body transformation plan to get you in shape fast.

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