Exactly How To Have A Cervical Orgasm — Yes It’s Possible

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The C-spot is real — and we know how to find it

If you haven’t heard of the cervical orgasm, you’re not alone. “Cervical orgasms during sex are lesser-known than clitoris or G-spot orgasms because they’re not as common  or not as commonly recognised,” says Jessica O’Reilly, author of The New Sex Bible. While there’s no scientific data on how many women can reach the holy grail of orgasm via their cervices, what’s the harm in seeing if you’re one of them?

Here’s what you need to know before going on this scavenger hunt to pleasure town…

How Can You Stimulate Your Cervix?

Your cervix is like a bouncer at the club that houses your internal organs, stopping whatever enters your vagina from making its way any further. The ectocervix, the only part of the cervix that’s accessible through the vagina, is located near the back of the vagina, says O’Reilly. That’s why sometimes when you or your partner dive deep, you feel a unique sensation at the end of each thrust.

Sometimes, that contact doesn’t feel so good, especially if you’re not as turned on as you could be, says O’Reilly. But as your arousal heightens, the flood of chemicals throughout the body can make that deep sensation feel amazing. At that point, stimulation to your cervix can fill entire abdominal region with pleasure, says O’Reilly.

However, there’s still a chance that no matter how turned on you are, cervical contact is more “ouch” than “oooh” for your body. Just as some of us love a good foot rub while others can’t stand having their feet touched, cervical stimulation varies woman to woman, says O’Reilly. In short, experimentation is all good, but don’t get so set on having a cervical orgasm that you hurt yourself. Keep the focus on having fun while trying something new.

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Time it Just Right

With that orgasmic disclaimer in place, here’s how to give it a shot: First, consider your cycle. A few days before your period, your cervix might be more sensitive to the touch, and when you’re menstruating your cervix is lower, which makes it easier to reach. Plus, O’Reilly finds that some women are more likely to have cervical orgasms during ovulation, or about two weeks before their periods arrive. So if having your cervix touched feels iffy but you’re still curious, try it during a different time of the month to see if anything changes.

Pace Yourself

No matter how ready you are to get to the good stuff, be sure to start slowly, says O’Reilly. She recommends going about your regular routine and waiting until you’re about 80 percent of the way to an orgasm before adding in some deep penetration that reaches the cervix. The only thing you have to change at that point is making sure whatever tool you’re using, whether it’s fingers, a penis, or a sex toy, touches the cervix with each thrust. If you respond well to G-spot stimulation, consider incorporating that kind of arousal, as well, says O’Reilly. May we suggest trying this position for maximum G-spot pleasure?

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Troubleshooting Your Other C-Spot

While experimenting, you might find that you like the feeling of something touching your cervix, but you don’t love the poking sensation, says O’Reilly. In that instance, she recommends using lube that’s extra slippery to minimise that weird feeling.

Strike Cervical Gold

Though it can be hard to distinguish between different types of orgasms, O’Reilly has heard women describe cervical ones as feeling especially full-bodied, like an “uncontrollable rush of pleasure between the belly button and the vagina” and like a second, more powerful sensation after a clitoral orgasm. If you wind up having one, congratulations on reaching a personal sex milestone! And if you don’t, remember that figuring out what does  or doesn’t  do it for you is just as worthy of celebration.

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