How To Keep Your Vegetables Fresher For Longer — 6 Genius Hacks

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Food & Nutrition

It’s a lot harder to hit your five-a-day when you’re constantly tossing out your options! Want to know how to keep vegetables fresher for longer? Here, our best advice for common produce problems…

Stinky onions

Don’t worry about fussing with cling wrap that won’t stay put. Ditch it and store your old or half-used onions in a sealed container or on a plate, cut-side down.

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Sprouting potatoes

These are still good enough to eat if the sprouts are less than a centimetre long, provided you cut off the growths and any green spots before cooking.

Excess leaves

Experiment with the stuff you’d usually ditch. Cauliflower leaves taste amazing roasted with olive oil and beetroot leaves can be sautéed on their own and served in a frittata.

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Slimy spinach

To make spinach last, wash and thoroughly dry it and store in a glass container. When it’s on its way out, wilt in a pan with a drop of oil and keep in the fridge up to five days.

On-the-turn avocados

Avos gone way mushy? Perfect. That consistency makes for a great pasta sauce. Mix with garlic, lemon and basil and stir into hot pasta for a quick meal. Or blend them into a smoothie.

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Bendy celery

Juice it! Then use the leftover pulp in a meat-free burger: mash with an equal amount of shredded tempeh, add spices, set in the fridge, then fry and serve.

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