How To Order Fast-food Without Wrecking Your Diet

by | Aug 25, 2016 | Weight Loss

By Jennifer Benjamin and Mara Miller

Girl, don’t be an accessory to the diet crime! Learn how to game the system – and satisfy your cravings by ordering fast-food… minus the fat.

We’ve all been there: tired, ‘hangry’ and without a piece of fresh produce or healthy snack in sight… And then a fast-food drive-thru beckons. Even if you typically have stellar resolve, you’re likely to crack faster than someone on the fifth day of a juice fast. Lose the guilt trip already and get smart instead. These days, there are plenty of ways to feed your face at a fast-food chain without wrecking your waistline.

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1 Order the ‘Happy Meal’

You might feel silly using the word junior or kiddie, but kids’ menu options often have half the kilojoules of their grown-up equivalents. “Those portions may look skimpy,” says nutritionist Teresa Wagner, “but they’re often a lot closer to the amount you, as an adult, should be eating.”

2 Hold the bread

Carb-loaded white wraps, bread, and buns can pack plenty of kilojoules and sodium while adding little flavour to your meal — which is why you can skip them altogether. Ask for a roll-free burger, a soup sans the bread bowl or a burrito minus the tortilla. This trade-out can save you up to 1254 kilojoules.

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3 Go easy on the sauce

It’s old news that drizzling on dressing or sauce yourself instead of leaving it to heavy-handed cooks can shave off at least 418kJ. But even innocent-sounding sauces, like barbecue and teriyaki, can contain tons of hidden sugar (and kilojoules). “Order your food as plain as you can,” says Lawes, “then accent it yourself.”

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