How To Play Golf For Beginners, From Experts

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Ever wondered how to play golf or if golf for beginners even existed? We’re here to let you know: golf is opening up and more and more women are teeing off. Consider this your beginner’s crash course in golf. 

Women’s golf is growing exponentially. We’re seeing more and more women teeing off and for the professionals, there’ve been substantial improvements. For starters, there’s the increase in viewership, which drives up everything else, from sponsorships to coverage to increases in prize money for athletes. Even if you’re a fan and budding player, there’s so much space to grow in the sport and investments from keen sponsors like Investec are seeing dividends in the numbers of women who are keen to put their money where their putter is.

Golf for beginners: start here

golf lesson

Go for a lesson

Sure, we’re going to give you a good rundown with tips on how to play golf right here, but to tailor that information, consider a golf for beginners lesson. The why? Your lesson will include equipment tailored to you, a place to practice and expertise. You’ll learn how to hold the club, craft your swing and more. With these technical skills in place, you’re better off when hitting the green alone. 

woman using ladies golf clubs

Use ladies’ clubs

Men’s clubs are bulkier, heavier, and typically, more difficult for women to use. For this reason, starting with a beginner’s club is better since you’ll find things much easier, says Etienne Olivier, head coach and managing director at EOGA Golf Academy in Cape Town. 

Try these golf clubs for beginners:

Cleveland Bloom 2023 Ladies Package Set
Precise M5 Ladies Package Set
Wilson Staff Women’s Matrix Evolve Package Set

good golf posture

Focus on creating good golfing posture

A good posture in golf involves standing up straight, shoulders back, with relaxed arms and creating a subtle bend in your hips that allows a good swing.

“If you develop a bad grip and posture, your whole golfing journey, you’re going to spend time actually finding out faults and fixes to fix that,” explains Olivier. For this reason, it’s important to start off with a good foundation at a golf academy.

Master your grip

How to create a good golf grip that allows a straight ball flight, in three steps.

golf club leading edge golf for beginners

Get straight 

First, make sure the leading edge (the bottom and front edge of the club face) is straight. Hold the club out in front of you at arm’s length to straighten it. A skew leading edge curves the ball when you swing. 

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how to hold golf club correctly

Grip it tight 

Now, place your left hand on the shaft. Slide your fingers up to the grip pad. Let it sit on your fingers and rotate your hand over so that your thumb crease is facing your opposite shoulder. 

golf grip

Cement the grip 

Now, with your right hand, interlock your fingers with your left and form a grip with the club. Your right thumb crease should be pointing in the direction of your left shoulder. Next, hinge from your hips and bring the club down. It should face the ball squarely. 

How to position your body

woman measuring ball swing golf for beginners

Take your time

When fixing your posture, know that it’ll feel uncomfortable at first. “Any changes in the swing, chipping or putting movement are extremely uncomfortable and take time to show results,” says Lana Orgovanyi, golf manager at Hazendal Golf Course in Cape Town. “Stick with it for as long as it takes.”

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how to play golf woman aligning golf clubs

Focus on your alignment

“Alignment is essential to a straighter ball flight,” says Orgovanyi. “The club face must be aligned to the target and the feet, hips and shoulders square/parallel to the target line. This allows for freedom of body movement.”

golf posture golf for beginners

Stand well

When aligning your body to score the perfect shot, make sure you hinge from your hips, knees slightly bent and hands under your chin. Remember to pinch your shoulder blades back to free up chest space when you go for the swing. 

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A brief guide to golf clubs

You’re allowed 14 clubs in a game of golf. When you learn how to play golf, you will typically need to use these first. Here’s how to tell them apart. 


golf clubs driver

The longest club in the bag. Use it to drive the ball a far distance.


golf clubs putter

Use it to roll the ball only when you’re on a putting surface. It’s considered your scoring club. 


golf clubs chipper

This club is designed to chip the ball over a short distance in the rough. They’re for shots that are too long for a putter and too short for a wedge club. Your mid-distance gal.  


golf clubs irons

These clubs are handy when you’re in the thick of a game and need to move the ball closer to the hole. They help your balls land on the green. 

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