How To Prepare a Perfect Healthy Packed Lunch

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Food & Nutrition

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Does the thought of putting together a healthy, low calorie, high nutrition lunch leave you wincing? Here are 6 rules for preparing a healthy packed lunch that will have you pinning for more.
If you never know what to pack for lunch or if you don’t know if your choices are healthy and balanced or you’re just really bored with having ‘the usual’. Packed lunches no longer only refer to school kids or their parents only. Bringing your lunch in at least some of the time has great benefits especially if you’re trying to save money, lose weight and eat healthy.
Planning ahead would make it easier to be creative and will become second nature in no time.


Be it suent, grumous or slimy, the texture of what we eat greatly affects our enjoyment of food. So give some thought about what textures you prefer as you do not want to end up with three different types of dry food- that will not make for a happy lunch.
Veggies like aubergine and mushroom are known for their slimy texture so pair them with something crunchy.


Now we’re not saying go out and get a food temperature chart and hang it in your kitchen and eventually you’ll be able to rattle all the necessary food group temps- eggs at 71.1 °C and leftovers at 73.9 °C.
Rather, be mindful that certain ingredients don’t work as well when cold as they would when warmed; pulled meats can be tricky, but as long as they’re not too fatty. Eggs can be a hit or miss cold as well, as too-soft-boiled could be a bit odd.

3.Even Food Has Power Couples

Yes, it appears that foods have their ‘Bradgelinas’, even. Ever wondered why lemon and fresh herbs go with almost everything? That’s because they just do, try rosemary with earthy flavours like butternut, sweet potato and darker meats.
Thyme and chicken is a match made in heaven and you’ll never go wrong with lemon and fish.

4.Dip It

Do not be afraid to have a flavourful dip as it works nicely alongside steamed vegetables which will give you a contrast between the vegetables natural flavour, alongside a dip. Also, it adds a little something to any plain salad.

5.Master the Unlikely

Do not knock what might seem unlikely as it leads to creating healthy takes on classic dishes. Think Mexican Nachos with thinly sliced sweet potato chips, guacamole and a spicy mixed bean salad with raw red pepper strips.

6.Get the Dressing Right

From quick-fix vinaigrette to creamy classics, getting the dressing right can turn any salad into a winner. Like combining a chilli dressing with tuna, crème fraiche adds a mellow spice to what is usually accompanied by lemon or mustard dressing.
Let’s say your meat is turkey and you’re looking for a dressing? Try orange zest, juice with red wine vinegar and shallots.
A favourite is basil pesto which is easy to make. Mix it with a splash of rapeseed oil, honey, lemon juice and water and dress over salmon if you like.
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