How To Stay Motivated When You’re Working Out At Home — Tips From A Personal Trainer

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Fitness

Some of you have managed really well with training at home. Well done! But if you’re feeling like your home exercise routine is under threat — another Netflix episode won’t hurt, right? — we’re here to dig you out of your self-isolation rut. Women’s Health‘s 2019 Next Fitness Star Nomawoti Bafana gives us her top tips to stay motivated with your home workouts.

Stock up

As a personal trainer, Noma is always prepared. “I’ve always had home workout equipment,” she says. “A variety of dumbbell sizes, a skipping rope, a mat and a step.” Don’t have anything like that? There are loads of equipment-free workouts on the Women’s Health website. Even better? Jump on the WH 21-Day Challenge for seven equipment-free workouts, seven yoga practices and seven self-care exercises. We got this!

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Partner up

A load shared is a load halved. When your routines starts to feel a little boring, call in reinforcements. It’s amazing the amount of motivation that can be pulled from “an accountability partner”, says Noma. “My partner and I share workouts that we can do at home,” she says.

Tip: Use social media. “We also follow different fitness pages on social media to see what people are doing while working out at home,” says Noma. Join WH on Instagram and keep up-to-date with real-time workouts and fitness advice. Psst: Now you can follow the WH team on TikTok and start sharing your home workout faves.

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Get creative

Now is the time to improvise. “A lot of your home furniture [like a couch — yes seriously] can be used as equipment for working out,” says Noma. “To keep motivated, one must realise that you don’t need all this equipment,” she adds. You can also get a load of cool workout apps — they’ll keep your chin up and booty rocking!

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