How To Stretch After A Flight

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Workouts

By Wanita Nicol

Use this post-plane yoga series to unwind, de-stress and elongate your muscles.

Sitting on a plane can be a pain in the neck… and back and hip flexors. Not to mention what all that hunching over does to your digestion. “Your body goes to sleep when you’re sitting on a plane – even if you don’t,” says yogi-to-the-stars Nadia Narain, who has trained Kate Moss. The average plane seat is just 43cm wide with just 71cm of legroom. That means it shortens the muscles in your back, quads, hips and glutes. Plus your circulation will be sluggish from all that inactivity. Do this 15-minute routine as soon as possible after the cabin door opens. No need to unroll your mat in arrivals (don’t be that person) – Nadia suggests a hot shower followed by body brushing in your hotel room to wake up your system before your practice.

1/ Forward bend

Why: Gets blood circulating again.
Stand with wide legs, toes turned in. Interlace hands behind your back, arms straight (A). Fold forward with arms towards the floor (B). Breathe, then return.

2/ Internal twist

Why: Relieves sluggish digestion and bloating.
On your back (A), take your right knee to your chest and pull it to the left to rest on the floor. Extend your right arm out to the side (B). Repeat on other side.

3/ Vital stretch

Why: Boosts energy, stretching muscles.
On all fours, breathe deeply, back arched on the inhale and rounding on the exhale (A). Raise your hips into down dog (B). Pedal your heels up and down.

4/ Extended child’s pose

Why: To relieve lower-back pain.
Kneel, sitting back, knees apart, with a block or folded towel in front of you (A). Exhale and lower between your knees, resting your hands on the towel (B). Hold for 10 breaths.

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