The 5 Best Ways To Treat Sore Muscles, According To The Pros

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Fitness

You know how, the day after a particularly brutal arm workout, lifting your arms to wash your hair puts you in a world of pain? Here’s how to treat sore muscles once and for all.

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It’s called delayed-onset muscle soreness and it’s perfectly normal for up to 72 hours post-exercise – although if you could prevent it, who wouldn’t? Here’s how the pros kick it to the curb.

L-glutamine and Epsom salts


The best thing I have found is to drink L-glutamine and take a 30-minute hot bath with two cups of Epsom salts – it takes the bruising, swelling and water retention out of your muscles. – Dayna Nienaber, pro motocross racer

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Hot/cold therapy

I usually get DOMS in my legs and ideally a combination of hot/cold therapy works best: an ice bath followed by a warm bath. It’s best to do it a few times. – Hanneké Dannhauser, champion obstacle course racer

Rest and recover

I usually have DOMS in my shoulders, neck and upper back and I normally train through it. But if it feels extremely uncomfortable, I’ll stop training and rest and recover to prevent injuries. – Michelle Weber, Olympic open water swimmer

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Stretching and foam rolling

I’ve found that it’s difficult to treat DOMS adequately, but much easier to prevent it in the first place. The moment I started stretching and foam rolling after a workout, I found that the DOMS went away. – Michelle Hayward, pro kitesurfer

Sore muscles?


Michelle Hayward uses calcium and magnesium supps at night. “It’s helped me prevent muscle stiffness after weight training and aids in sleep,” she says. Try Solar Liquid Calcium Magnesium Citrate, available at

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