6 South African Yogis Who Will Inspire You To Roll Out Your Mat

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Fitness

If you’re looking to transform your life, yoga is a good place to start. Improved balance, increased flexibility and newfound strength are just three of the amazing benefits you experience when you practice yoga.

Here at WH we know that yoga is all about doing what feels comfortable to your body. And the more you practice the easier it’ll be to do those impressive yoga poses we see all over Instagram.

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But regardless of whether you’re able to twist yourself into a pretzel or not, it’s all too easy to find yourself in a yoga rut. That’s why we’ve rounded up some super inspirational South African yogis that’ll leave you wanting to unroll your yoga mat.

1. @yogi_khanya

Handstand practice?

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It’s easy to feel discouraged about your yoga journey when all you see are perfect crow poses all over social media. That’s why we love @yogi_khanya who’s documenting her entire yoga journey. She often shares side-by-side pictures of herself doing yoga poses several months apart, and it’s clear from the images how much she has progressed. Practice does indeed make perfect.

2. @the_chocolate_pretzel

Want more than just headstand variations? @the_chocolate_pretzel is your girl. Along with impressive yoga poses she also posts some pretty inspirational quotes. You’ll leave her page feeling not only inspired to do yoga, but wanting to live a more fulfilled life as well.

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3. @angelique_fredericks

Like your yoga with a side of breathtaking views? You’ll definitely want to follow @angelique_fredericks. Along with jaw-dropping yoga moves, the scenic views will leave your heart aching for a getaway.

4. @yogi_jenine

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New to yoga, with no idea how to get started? You’ll love @yogi_jenine. Jenine is a yoga instructor who brings her teaching habits to instagram, often sharing various yoga flows that’ll help get you going.

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5. @karenventer

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Worried you’ll have to give up yoga once you’re pregnant? Fear not. Long time yoga instructor @karenventer didn’t let her pregnancy get in the way of practicing yoga. She’s the living embodiment of not letting a bump in the road stop you from doing what you love.

6. @nina_visions

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Bored of your everyday yoga? Let @nina_visions inspire you to spice up your yoga by adding props. She incorporates stairs, tables and wooden support beams into her yoga to give new dimension to her poses.

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