Period Shaming Is Never Okay And Janelle Monáe Agrees!

by | Mar 15, 2017 | Health

by Alice Paulse; photograph by Flickr

This celeb spoke openly about it, and silenced those who are period shaming.

Period shaming is never okay and for some reason, many of us still treat our period like it’s this hush-hush thing. Whether we talk about it in code (crimson wave, anyone?).

The only way to get rid of the stigma surrounding menstruation is to talk about it. Yes, that’s right just like we talk about everything else. If you not sure how, just follow Janelle Monáe’s example.

The Hidden Figures star, took to Twitter to silence the period haters, shamers. Or whatever you want to call them, last week. In honour of Women’s History Month, she randomly tweeted “Menstrual Period Blood. #WomensHistoryMonth”.

Obviously taking a shot at the current Trump administration. She then continued by saying, “Never forget girls & women birthed the human race and hold the power to unbirth it. Y’all gone learn. #WomensHistoryMonth.”

Once some of her followers responded that period blood is “gross”, Monáe was not having it. She began retweeting people’s undesirable responses and shut the period shamers down one by one.

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How Did She Stop The Period Shaming?

She proceeded to explain why the language surrounding periods is problematic. And what we need to do in order for it to change. The main message she wanted to get across is that periods is something that should be “celebrated”, not ashamed of.

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The response to her powerful words turned out to be awesomely positive. Many agreed with her believe that the conversation around periods needs to change, particularly in the way the topic is discussed with younger girls.

This is certainly not the first instance where a celeb has gotten real about her period. In 2016 at the Emmys, Amy Schumer gave a shout-out to her tampon on the red carpet. Badass! The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence once made a joke that she had a “Plan B” dress. As the awards season is synced with her menstrual cycle. And she refuses to “suck in her uterus” for the sake of a too-tight outfit.

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The First Step In Doing Away With Period Shaming…

Is to start talking about it more openly… You’re got out permission to grab some tampons and Nurofens.  Let’s start a period pride movement.

We well aware that periods may be straight-up vicious to deal with, but at the end of the day; they are a normal, natural part of life. Like Monáe says, there is zero reason to be ashamed of them.

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