These Are Jeannie D’s Top Moves For Toning Your Abs, Butt And Thighs

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Workouts

Photograph by Jacques Weyers

Jeannie D’s trainer spills the beans on her best moves for sculpting a camera-ready lower bod, even when you’re on a crazy-busy schedule.

Easy Moves For Busy Women

In an ideal world we’d all have time to work out for an hour every day. In real life, there are deadlines to be met, meetings to be endured, kids to be fetched…and that’s just the morning session. But when part of your job is looking hot in front of the camera, often in a bikini, slacking off on exercise isn’t an option. To help Jeannie stay in shape on the go, her trainer Johno Meintjes of The Fitness Faculty designs quick, intense workouts that she can do wherever she is in the world. “It’s a 15-minute workout that you can do on the road, in a hotel room, at home or in the gym,” says Meintjes.

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Train Like Jeannie

“The Jeannie D workout is a total-body workout that’s fantastic for getting results when you’re on the road,” says Meintjes. “It’s something classic that Jeannie would do because she’s on the road all the time and, like all of us, can’t afford to spend an hour and a half in the gym.” These moves from the workout are specifically designed to target your abs, butt and thighs – typical “trouble spots” for many women. Add them into your workout for a dose of extra toning.

Watch Johno Meintjes explain the moves…


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Ready to go give it a go? You’re going to need a timer or a watch with a second hand. For each strength move, do as many reps as you can in 60 seconds. Be sure to swap sides halfway so you work both legs equally. For the in-out jumps, go flat out, doing as many reps as you can in 90 seconds. Be sure to rest for at least 30 seconds after performing the jumps.

Watch a WH staffer perform the moves… 

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