This No-Gym Workout From Jeannie D’s Trainer Is Ideal For The Holidays

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Workouts

Going away for the holidays? This travel-friendly routine by Jeannie D’s trainer can be done anywhere. And it does the job in just 15 minutes!

TV personality Jeannie D spends a lot of her time in hotel rooms. But unlike weird carpet designs, gyms do not come standard with every hotel. So Jeannie’s trainer Johno Meintjes creates simple, but effective workouts that she can do in her room. They use only your body weight and the kind of props you would normally find in a hotel room or at home.

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The 15-Minute Holiday Workout

This workout, by Meintjes, is a classic example of one of Jeannie D’s travel-friendly workouts. It uses only your body weight and a pair of light weights or cans to sculpt your body from top to bottom. “The most important thing about this workout is that it’s nothing new,” says Meintjes. “Everyone has done these moves, but it’s the intensity that’s the key and also getting the foundation right. If you can master the technique and then bring in the intensity with the recovery, your results will be fantastic.”

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Do The Workout

The workout is designed into blocks, each consisting of 60 seconds’ strength work, 60 seconds’ dynamic strength work, 90 seconds’ flat-out cardio and then 30 seconds’ rest. “The recovery is important because you need to be working at maximum the whole time,” says Meintjes. The fourth and final block works differently though. There are no strength moves; it’s just ninety seconds of flat-out, high-intensity cardio. “This last block is divided into divided into 30-second blasts of three different exercises,” says Meintjes. “You’ve done two of them before: squat jumps and high knees. Now we’re adding a burpee.”

Watch a WH staff member perform the moves…


Your Moves


1/ Squat to Kick x 60 seconds
Alternate sides each rep.
2/ Running Man x 60 seconds
Focus on your breathing, keep your bum down and core stable.
3/ High Knees x 90 seconds
Go as fast as you can.
4/ Rest x 30 seconds


1/ Lunge Pulse x 60 seconds
So 30 seconds on one side, then switch.
2/ Push-up to Fly x 60 seconds
Alternate arms each rep.
3/ Jump Squats x 90 seconds
Maintain a wide stance. Jump as high as you can.
4/ Rest x 30 seconds

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1/ Weighted Air Punch x 60 seconds
Hold light weights or identical cans in your hands.
2/ Squat Pulse x 60 seconds
Keep feet shoulder width and heels flat down.
3/ Lateral, Wide, Deep Single-Leg Jump x 90 seconds
It’s a mouthful, but it’s really just jumping side to side. Make it as explosive as possible.
4/ Rest x 30 seconds


1/ Squat Jumps x 30 seconds
2/ High Knees x 30 seconds
3/ Burpees x 30 seconds

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