Juices To Flatten Your Belly, Cleanse And Fight Infection

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Recipes

The Belly Flattener

Juicy secret: Mint stimulates saliva production, which aids digestion. Handy when it has the roughage of the beetroot and carrots to deal with. Mojito, anyone? Just kidding…juice


– 4 carrots
– 1 bunch beetroot
– 1 apple
– 2 small cucumbers
– Small knob ginger
– Handful of mint
– Juice of 1 lemon 250ml water

Roughly chop the veg and apple. Blend together all ingredients and drink immediately.

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Cool Cleanse

Juicy secret: Cucumber is a natural diuretic, speeding up your body’s cleansing process. Natural oils in the skin also nourish and strengthen your hair, nails and skin.

Green juice


2 cucumbers
1 apple
Handful Swiss chard
3 mint leaves
200g alfalfa sprouts
200ml filtered water
1 tsp chia seeds

Whizz up the cucumber and apple first, then add the rest. Use the smaller leaves from the chard – they’re less bitter.

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Juicy secret: Lauric acid in coconuts is a natural antibiotic, which can help to fight bad bacteria. It’s also rich in caprylic acid, a potent antifungal that combats thrush and eczema. Who knew?



 1 coconut
250ml coconut or filtered water
1 tbsp sugar-free almond butter
1 tsp raw cacao powder
1 tsp maca powder

Crack open the coconut and scrape out the insides into the blender. Add the rest and blend together. Way better than a chocolate brownie. For your body, that is…

Looking for more info on juicing? Here are three things you should know before starting a juice cleanse.

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