Get Energised With This Killer Total-Body Workout

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Workouts

Want to burn fat and build muscle fast? Tone up from top to toe with this total-body workout that you can do pretty much anywhere!

In an ideal world you’d hit the gym every day, get in a solid 45-minute session and still have time to foam roll at leisure, hang out in the sauna and do your hair. The reality? You’re a busy woman, juggling meetings, coffee dates, lift clubs and you don’t even have time to wash your hair, let alone hang out in the gym. Sound familiar? Then you’re exactly the kind of woman that Women’s Health Next Fitness Star finalist Inge Viljoen loves to train — home workouts are her speciality and she knows how to get you in shape using minimal equipment.

This workout uses just your own bodyweight and a step or bench. If you’re just starting out, use a low step, like the first step of your staircase or any other step you’d have at your house. As you get fitter and stronger, you can progress to a higher step and ultimately a box or bench.

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Your Moves

You’ll need: Small step

1. Burpee Lunge Jump Combo

Start with a burpee. As you come up, jump into a lunge with your left leg, then your right leg. Repeat, starting with the burpee.

2. Dips with Single Leg Pelvic Lifts

Starting in dip position, dip twice with both feet on the ground. Lift your left leg and raise your hips twice. Lower your left leg. Lift your right leg and raise your hips twice. Lower your right leg. Repeat, starting with the dips.

3. Plank Jacks with Toe Taps

Starting in plank position, take your right leg out and then move it back in. Take your left leg out and back in. Jump both feet out and back in. Repeat, starting with the right leg.

4. Step-up

Using a small step or box, step up with your right leg first, and then back down. Step up again with your left leg first. Then jump onto the step with both feet. Repeat starting with your right leg.

Repeat each exercise for 40 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds between exercises. Complete 3 rounds.

Watch Inge perform the moves: 

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