“My Stroke Motivated Me To Live A Healthier Lifestyle And Lose Weight”

by | May 30, 2017 | Weight Loss

Losing weight is a journey you need to embark on for yourself.  

“If you do it for yourself and stay focused, you will reach the point of success eventually,” says Laurika.

Laurika Stander

Occupation: Housewife
Age: 33
Weight before: 95 Kg
Weight after: 75 Kg
Time required to reach current weight: 8 months
Secret weapon: Hard work, determination and sacrifice

The Gain

Laurika became a mom for the first time in 2005 and it was like she had given weight gain free reign on her body. “I just kept putting on weight and never seemed to lose it again,” she says. What caused the weight gain however was the eating. “I had a lot of bad food, and I couldn’t control my cravings,” she said while admitting that entailed mostly unhealthy fast foods. Laurika was a field worker at the time and the easiest options were takeaways.

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The Change

The change happened in 2015 when Laurika had a mild stroke. “I couldn’t talk properly, one side of my face was half dead,” she says. It was scary — but that scare was what drove her to change after she’d healed. She stopped neglecting her body and started exercising everyday.

Then she changed her relationship with food. “I cut out all sugars, soft drinks, processed meat besides ham, all white flour products, fast foods, starches and even caffeine,” she says. She started to include healthier options like brown rice, veggies, lean mince, chicken and fish , as well as watch her portions. And guess what? the weight started to fall off.

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The Lifestyle

Since Lauika’s priorities have changed, her new lifestyle consists of brisk walks at six in the mornings for an hour, and skipping and body ball exercises when she comes back. She also throws in some aerobics with a friend every second day. Thanks to her new healthy diet and focus on exercise, Laurika started to feel great. “I realised that my children needed their mother to be around to see them grow into great strong women,” says Laurika and that required a lifestyle change.

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The Reward

“I dropped dress sizes, I was a size 46 and now a 38,” she says. Admitting that she feels amazingly lighter and healthier. “I don’t have to buy big baggy clothes to hide my sloppy body anymore — I buy whatever I want and that alone is a big reward for me,” says Laurika. People who doubted her journey’s success are now asking for advice from her. That’s a big deal.

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Laurika’s Tips

• Never give up
The harder you work, the greater the rewards.
• Don’t rush things
Rome wasn’t built in a day; take it one day at a time.
• Motivate yourself positively
You are beautiful inside and outside – remind yourself constantly.

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