Confused By All The Options? We’ve Sourced The Top Hydration Packs Of The Season

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Fitness

Warmer days call for making the most of your time in the great outdoors — especially with the holiday season upon us! The Women’s Health team took a bunch of hydration packs outdoors as part of a fitness gear trial — all in the name of “fun in the sun”. Avid hiker, cyclist or trail runner? We’ve got you covered with the perfect hydration packs for your sport…

1/ K-Way Tempo 7L Pack

Hydration packs 4

“The pack has useful pockets on the waist strap and space for a few extra items in the back. The two-litre bladder came in handy during a long, hot day on the mountain.” — Cally Silberbauer, content producer. R699,

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2/ Deuter Speed Lite 16 Day Pack

Hydration packs

“This lightweight pack with thick comfortable straps is very practical. I used it purely for the hydration system, which fits into a pocket at the back and leaves a substantial amount of space for hiking goodies. I ran down the mountain with it strapped on – the chest was secured and didn’t shuffle when I moved. I would recommend it for a day trip packed with food and all the necessities for a long hike.” — Pia Hammond, art director. R899,

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3/ K-Way Dart 2L Pack

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“It was my first time using a hydration pack. For a small bag, such as this one, I was able to store my keys, cellphone and roll in a long-sleeve top in case it became chilly during my hike. The mesh ventilated straps and back padding gave my back a bit of breathing room. Literally!” — Ondela Mlandu, senior journalist. R399,

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4/ K-Way Lite 10 Hydration Pack

Hydration pack 1

“This super-light hydration pack will come in handy if you’re planning to spend a few hours on the trail. It holds two litres of water in the main compartment and the hydration system is very easy to use, so there’s no fussing about trying to get to your H2O!

“What’s really great about this pack is the amount of extra space. It’s totally ‘roomy’ enough to fit a hydration bladder and any other essential gear you might need (like a windbreaker or SPF). Plus, there are also handy pouches and zippered front pockets so that you can store extra water, keys, or an energy bar for when you need to pause for a refuel.

“Not to mention, the clips at the chest and waist nix bounce and prevent the pack from ‘moving’, which definitely reduces your chances of getting chafe.” — Gina Beretta, digital editor. R599,

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