Burn Fat And Build Lean Muscle With This Kick-Ass Workout

by | Dec 3, 2015 | Workouts

Good news: You can totally get strong and toned without looking bulky. Build lean muscle and score serious fat-burning with this Wonder Woman workout.

When Israeli model-turned-actress Gal Gadot was cast as DC’s Wonder Woman, criticism from the geek community was harsh. Their gripe? The former Miss Israel didn’t have the curves or the muscles for the role, they said. What we heard: Haters gonna hate on women’s bodies yet again.

But Gadot deflected their comments like bullets of the Bracelets of Submission. When asked about the size of her breasts – yes, really – she pointed out that in Greek mythology Amazons would cut off one breast to be better at archery. “So they are lucky they are getting two small boobs,” she said. We love her.

To transform into Wonder Woman, Gadot worked with trainers from Gym Jones, the same guys who turned Henry Cavill into Superman and Gerard Butler into King Leonidas in 300. Her regime included a mix of explosive cardio and plenty of strength work. In the process, she mastered pull-ups…and packed on nearly eight kilograms of muscle!

Muscle Without The Bulk

“The women playing these superhero roles aren’t afraid of putting on muscle, because doing so doesn’t result in them being ‘bulky’ as is so often the concern of women considering weightlifting,” says James White, owner of Roark Gyms and accredited Gym Jones trainer right here in SA. “Instead, it results in them having firmer arms, bums and stomachs without gaining size. Strength training ensures that even as you become fatigued, you’re still strong enough to maintain good posture and perform the moves correctly.” Add high-intensity cardio and you’ll torch fat, too, revealing all that sexy lean muscle you’ve been building.

The Wonder Woman Workout

This four day, total-body workout programme, designed by White, has all the ingredients to turn you into a superhero – or at least make you look the part. Master the moves, then follow the programme below. Plan your workout so you have some rest days in between (e.g. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday). The workout is aimed at moderately fit women. Beginners should keep the weight light, reps low and time short. Aim to increase these as you get stronger.

Watch the moves here…

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