“I Tried This Amazing Dual Stimulation Vibrator & It Doubled The Strength Of My Orgasm.”

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In my experience, Scandi sex toy makers Lelo never miss. And I’ve been lucky enough to try out some of Lelo’s vibrators, like the SONA 2 – tough gig, I know. The latest invention I’ve given a whirl? The Lelo ENIGMA

So, how is this different to the toys I’ve previously tested? What really sets this sex toy apart is the dual stimulation capabilities, you’re hitting the clit and internal pleasure zones for the kind of orgasm that has you seeing stars. 

You don’t have to just take my word for it either, if you scroll through the reviews you’ll see testimonials like ‘mind-blowing’, ‘best orgasm of my life’, and ‘life changing’. Keep on reading for more about my experience with this sex toy.

What is a Lelo ENIGMA 

The Lelo Enigma is a dual-action vibrator that has been designed for double the fun. Not only are you stimulating the clitoris with sonic waves; not unlike a magic wand vibrator; you’re also hitting internal pleasure zones with the ergonomic internal stimulator. 

If you’ve used a rabbit vibrator before the methodology is similar, but the sonic vibration of the ENIGMA makes it gentler and also heightens the sensation for a stronger orgasm.

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How to use the Lelo ENIGMA 

The toy comes with a sachet of personal lubricant, so the first step is applying that to the clitoral and vaginal parts of the toy. With purely clitoral stimulation toys this step isn’t necessary, but because this one goes inside the vagina too you’ll need some lube to make sure it’s comfortable going in. 

Then, you insert the vaginal end inside you and manoeuvre it until it’s comfortable. Don’t feel the need to insert the entirety if that doesn’t feel quite right. Every vagina is different so take the time to figure out what depth of insertion feels best for you. 

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Once that’s in place, turn on the power using the () button and press the + button to get it going. You also use the + button to increase the vibration and the – button to slow it down. The () button can also be used to play around with the settings, so you can have a fiddle and see which feels best for you.

The silicone that connects the vaginal part and the clitoral stimulation part is malleable, so you can adjust it so it is hitting the most pleasurable part of your clit without having the internal vibrator in too deeply.

Once everything is in place, you should feel the vaginal part gently stroking the inside and the clit should be stimulated by the external part. You can then just hold it in place and wait for the fireworks to start. 

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The full Lelo ENIGMA review

I’ve used a traditional rabbit vibrator in the past and was far from impressed. It was clunky and the large shape meant it the clitoral stimulation part on the outside couldn’t reach the right spot unless it was uncomfortably deep on the inside. 

This experience has meant I’ve tended to steer clear of these kind of toys because I assumed my vagina was too shallow to make them pleasurable. I’d had such positive experiences with other Lelo toys, however, that I thought if one brand could make it work it would be this one. 

The secret weapon that makes the ENIGMA a cut above the rest is the fact you don’t have to put the vibrator all the way in to stimulate the clit, you can put it in as far as feels comfortable and bend the external clitoral stimulator in a way that suits your body. 

I don’t usually need any internal stimulation to enjoy an orgasm, but I am now firmly of the belief that having both the internal and external pleasure spots stimulated at the same time makes for a leg-shaking finish that the clit alone can’t quite achieve. 

The noise level isn’t as quiet as the near-silent Lelo DOT, but the vibration is dull enough that you wouldn’t be able to hear it from outside of the room, which is quiet enough in my book. 

At R4 970, this toy is far from cheap, but if you want a waterproof, long-lasting vibrator made from high-quality silicone you will have to pay more than if you went for something of a lesser quality. 

Is the Lelo ENIGMA waterproof? 

Just like the SILA and the DOT, the ENIGMA is fully waterproof. Not only does this make cleaning far easier, it means you can make shower time even steamier, or make waves in your next hot tub session

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How to clean and care for the Lelo ENIGMA

Lelo advises cleaning your ENIGMA before and after each use. Cleaning the vibrator is simple, just give it a few sprays of a dedicated sex toy cleaner, rinse it under hot water and dry it. 

If you haven’t got a sex toy cleaner on hand you can use a mild soap and hot water, just be sure not to use any harsh cleaning products because they can damage the silicone. Due to the fact Lelo uses a high-quality, soft silicone, harsh chemicals can be damaging, as well as potentially causing irritation to your nether regions. 

toy cleaner lelo
Lelo Anti-Bacterial Premium Toy Cleaning Spray
toy cleaner plus one
PlusOne Toy Cleaning And Body-Safe Intimate Wipes
toy cleaner pjur
Pjur Toy Clean Intense Alcohol-Free Cleaner

You’ll also have to be mindful to keep your toy out of direct sunlight or strong heat, as these can also damage the silicone. Keep the ENIGMA stored away in a drawer in a soft bag between uses. 

How long does the Lelo ENIGMA take to charge?

I know, I know. You’ve just bought your Lelo ENIGMA and want to have some fun with it. 

All good things take time, however, and you’ll need to charge it for two hours when you first get it to make sure it’s ready to go.

When the toy is charging the LED light will flash, and you’ll know it’s fully charged once the light switches to a steady glow. 

How long does the Lelo ENIGMA battery last?

With a fully charged battery the ENIGMA should last up to two hours, and considering how quickly it gets you to orgasm there’s plenty of fuel in the tank for multiple sessions before it needs recharging. 

A hot tip for charging your Lelo toys is to not charge them until they’ve run out of battery or are about to. Charging them before they need it can harm the battery and mean it won’t last as long over time.

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lelo enigma review product image

Where can I buy the Lelo Enigma?

You can buy the ENIGMA directly from desir.

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