This Woman Went From Size 44 To 38 By Simply Switching Up Her Lifestyle

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Weight Loss

It’s easy to get stuck in a “fast food, no exercise, just getting through the day” kind of rut. It happens to the best of us. In addition, Wendy Ngwangi had just had her first child, and pregnancy definitely messes with a girl’s eating habits and cravings… But this inspiring woman has learnt that “if you put your mind to a goal, you can reach it.” Here’s how…

Wendy Ngqwangi

Occupation: Nurse
Weight Before: 91.6kg
Weight After: 83kg
Time required to lose weight: 3 months
Secret Weapon: Supplements and healthy food

The Gain

Wendy had never been overweight before her pregnancy. Although she didn’t lead an active lifestyle, she certainly didn’t have a problem with weight gain. She also didn’t have any overweight family members, so this sudden spike on the scale came as a bit of a shock.

After her pregnancy, Wendy says she was feeling “tired and lazy.” As we all sometimes do, she turned to good old comfort food. “I was making fast food and eating junk food,” she says. Sweets, pizza, burgers, you name it. And, once you get on the comfort food train, it’s hard to get off…

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The Change

In October 2017, Wendy decided enough was enough. “Every time I looked at myself in the mirror, I didn’t like what I saw and I lost self-confidence,” she explains. That’s when you know: it’s time for a change. Wendy kick-started her healthy lifestyle with a new diet and some easy exercise after work, instead of the usual nap. It was hard in the beginning, but the rewards were waiting.

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The Lifestyle

Wendy’s new routine included skipping twice a day, Monday to Friday. Her new diet consisted of as many veggies as she could get her hands on, as well as supplements. The new lifestyle was “not easy at all,” says Wendy. “It felt so hard because people laughed at me and were always watching what I ate.” She also admits to cheat meals.

Luckily, a good friend helped her stay on track. “She motivated me by exercising with me and waking me up every morning,” Wendy says. Her friend would also follow her new meal plan and avoid eating the foods Wendy had cut out of her diet. It always helps to have someone in it with you, right?

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The Reward

Sticking to her routine and committing to her goals, Wendy began to see results. “I felt healthier. I dropped from a size 44 to a 38,” she says proudly. But she isn’t done yet. “The goal has not yet been reached.” Wendy explains that her new routine has become the norm and it’s much easier than before to stay on track. Her new active lifestyle has her feeling much more energetic and her confidence is back.

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Wendy’s Tips

Be patient. “Nothing happens overnight – you need to be consistent and patient.”

Dream big. “Don’t be scared to set big goals, but remember…”

Start small. “Start small and slowly work towards them.”

And that’s another inspiring woman on her journey to reaching her goals. Love! For more inspo, check out Lesego’s success story.

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