19 Great Local Beauty Brands To Support RN And Forever

by | Jul 6, 2023 | Skincare

Supporting local has never been more important than it is right now. Covid-19 changed the world as we knew it and all of us have been affected in one way or another. The beauty industry in South Africa has seen the flourishing of local beauty brands that care for skin, use local, natural ingredients, are sustainable and deliver dewy skin to match.

The local beauty brand space is exciting, innovative and almost completely female-led – we love! With the international success of independent beauty brands like Glossier, Milk Cosmetics and many more, the independent beauty world is booming. And it’s no different in SA. So stretch those fingers, grab your purse and get ready to have your best skin and face yet!

Lulu & Marula

Lulu & Marula is a natural, ethically produced skin and body care collection developed in a beauty studio in Cape Town. The natural skincare stalwart got its start in a kitchen when founder Jesslynn Shepherd struggled to find natural formulations to treat hormonal breakouts. The result: a line of clean, simple beauty products, all derived from plant extracts. Their packaging is eco-friendly and ingredients are locally produced and backed by science. And, they never test on animals.

Chick Cosmetics

The brainchild of strategist Nomfundo Njibe, Chick.cosmetics aims to do beauty differently. They create safe effective beauty products that use cruelty-free ingredients and sustainable practices while having some of the best-priced products on the market. The modern, multi-tasking products that make up the CHICK.cosmetics line are all inspired by science-backed solutions to your skincare and make-up woes. Think: hydrating and acne-squashing ingredients that work.


When Margaux Knuppe was looking for skincare that could meet her beauty needs and have a positive impact on others, she couldn’t find one- so she decided to create her own. Afari is skincare that promises to bring you skin-friendly products while supporting the women who harvest its star ingredient, Bulbine fritescens, a plant known for its anti-inflammatory effects.


Started by Rabia Ghoor when she was just 14 years old, Swiitchbeauty is one of the leading local cosmetic brands in South Africa and with a reason. Their products are great quality, affordable prices and you’re honestly spoilt for choice *fills cart*. One of the things we love most about Swiitch is how they pull from your own experience with make-up and skincare, creating products from feedback from their customers.

Lula Fox

This local makeup range boasts products that are ecologically sound and skin-friendly. The products are made from natural, organic and non-toxic ingredients and are never tested on animals. Plus, Lula Fox‘s products are professional, made for the most advanced of face beats.

Hey Gorgeous

Hey Gorgeous formulates amazing, affordable and effective skin body and bath care products. They only use sustainably sourced, naturally harvested botanical ingredients that are proven to help you reach your skincare goals. From their range of skincare, they’ve expanded to include make-up that’s sustainably made and delivers *that* glow.


As the name suggests, Skoon is all about clean beauty. Dreamed up by engineer Stella Ciolli, SKOON came about when she read that people apply about 515 ingredients to their skin daily. That got her thinking about multi-tasking formulas and pared-down routines that still delivered great skin. Their products are produced in Cape Town. None of their ingredients are tested on animals and they contain no obvious toxins or controversial synthetics. Plus, they’re science-backed and all their products are formulated to deliver real results.


Oh-Lief family brand aims to bring you and your family products that are safe enough for sensitive skin and the environment. The name refers to olive oil, the main ingredient in their product. Like olive oil, Oh Lief products are safe for the whole family and nourishing for the skin.

Eco Diva

Created by Nicole Sherwin best known as the ‘Eco-Diva‘, their products are carefully designed to match the skin on a molecular level. Real anti-ageing, glowing results are now possible without using any harmful chemicals. All products are paraben- and sulfate-free, cruelty-free and vegan.

Suki Suki Naturals

The brand’s founder, Linda Gieskes-Mwamba, started Suki Suki when she wanted to grow out her natural hair. All the hair products available were either full of chemicals or were ridiculously expensive — or both. She then started playing around with natural ingredients, this would lead to Suki Suki Naturals first and most popular product. Now crafted in Johannesburg, their product list has grown to include skincare too.

Terres d’Afrique

Terres d’Afrique is a local natural, ethical and fair-trade skin and body care range. It captures the unique power of rare African botanicals in science-driven, organic formulas that balance the skin. No harsh chemicals or animal-derived additives are in any of the Terres d’Afrique products. Only the purest ingredients are in organically-certified formulations that nourish and balance the skin are used. TDA is founded by Dr Stephan Helary, with a Master’s degree in Environmental and Wildlife Management and a PhD in Nutritional Ecology.


In 2014, Nilotiqa founder Thokozile Mangwiro began experimenting and researching a natural and organic hair care solution for dry, damaged and brittle hair. From her careful research came Nilotiqa. The products are made using African ingredients and are made on South African soil and are all organic and plant-based. This local beauty brand delivers nourishing solutions made from natural ingredients that deliver bouncy curls.


AMAZI beauty products are all about accessible skincare that doesn’t cost the earth. Their compact oil-based range is clean and 100% natural. It boasts powerful local botanical ingredients like moringa, devil’s claw and rooibos to nourish the skin and restore balance. Now that’s a local beauty brand we can get behind.

Skin Creamery

In 2014, Hannah Rubin saw the future of skincare in its stripped-down, purest form. Growing up in the lush Garden Route, in the Western Cape and being educated as a beauty therapist, Rubin found an appreciation for quality, luxury beauty products that echoed the slow, intentional tempo found in nature. The Skin Creamery is all about multi-functional formulas and reusable containers, reflecting a hankering towards a simpler, slower form of skincare that customers are looking for.


Created and used by actress Amanda Du-Pont, Lelive, christened after Amanda’s Swazi name, focuses on African botanicals to unlock problem-free skin. Each product is kind to the earth while being laser-focused on solving common skin setbacks. They use stand-out ingredients like bakuchiol, nature’s retinol and natural derivatives like turmeric.

Noa & Co

Megan Pietersen’s inspiration for Noa & Co started in Japan, where she lived for a few years with her professional athlete husband. During her time there, she became enmeshed in their wellness culture and started making concoctions at home to give to her husband; blends of proteins that contained probiotics and organic goodness. Eventually, she decided to launch Noa&Co in South Africa. The brand is all about integrity, from the carefully-created formulations that have expert input and backing to the way they’re brought to market. It’s also family-focused, with things that kids can consume and enjoy.

Pure Beginnings

Once seen as a brand focused on baby care that’s organic and gentle, Pure Beginnings has expanded its offering to include care for teens, kids and your adult self. Their founding principle – that skin should be kept as pure as the day you’re born – seeps through the products, which are all-natural, organic and free from chemicals. Now, they’ve got toothpaste, body wash and more on offer.


iWori is beauty with a conscious. Made with luxurious natural ingredients, iWori’s range caters to both hair, body and face. The range is made from natural African oils and extracts, rooted in ancient advice from the continent. Think: luscious marula, hydrating and potent rooibos extract and nourishing baobab working together for a glowing, healthy complexion.


Lumiglo works with powerful formulations that’ll treat skin concerns. Made by founder Shahnaz, a makeup artist who wanted hard-working skincare that would treat her sensitive skin. She came up with a few products and tried them out on her clients’ skin and saw results. Effective skincare that’s easy to use – and that feels fun, too.

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