6 Local Swimwear Labels We’re Currently Obsessed With

by | Dec 7, 2017 | Style

By Michelle October; photography supplied

Support your local girl gang. 

Summer 2017 is cute cozzies in white (remember when you wouldn’t dare?), velvet fabrics, and jungle prints. It’s also 100% local and luxe. Thanks to Insta, local swimwear labels are taking off, so much so that it’s dope to don the sustainably-made, local designer costume. Also, it costs less than the imports and is environmentally-friendly. Here, a round-up of our fave local swimwear labels to lounge in this summer.


6 Local Swimwear Labels We're Currently Obsessed With

Bohemian cozzies? Yes, please! Bold cuts and high-end fabrics combine to create a costume you’d rather live in forever. And yes, flowy kaftans and flower crowns are mandatory. From R850, BeachCult.co.za.

Nude Wear 

6 Local Swimwear Labels You Didn't Know You Needed
Finally! A swimwear brand championing full-figured, brown models! The brand celebrates diversity, and it’s reflected in the colours of the cozzies: every shade is a different flesh colour, and plush fabrics and figure-fitting designs are adjustable for max comfiness. From R285, NudeWear.co.za.

Salt Air 

6 Local Swimwear Labels To Make Your Summer Hotter

Take an international stylist and mix in the beach and you’ve got a salty cocktail of sustainable luxury swimwear that’s got staying power. The pieces are cut to last several seasons in style, while bright pops of colour add that summer feeling. Plus, 5% of sales go to animal welfare. From R866, SaltAirSwimwear.com.

Bacon Bikinis 

6 Local Swimwear Labels You Didn't Know You Needed

Created by brainchild Candice Bacon, expect to find the trendy pieces you’ve been seeing all over your Insta feed. If Salt Air is the girl lazing on the shore, Bacon’s diving right in and making a splash. Try the scrunchy fabric, cheeky bottoms and velvety cozzies, too. From R250, BaconBikinis.com.

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6 Local Swimwear Labels We're Currently Obsessed With

There’s no other word for it: Akina costumes are luxe. Basic yet flattering cuts make you the centrepiece of the costume. What makes Akina special is that they’re dedicated to sustainability. The factory recycles up to 60% of the fabric used, and your costume is made from recycled polyamide. From R500, AkinaLabel.com.

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Bikini Love

6 Local Swimwear Labels To Make Your Summer Hotter

Cute, comfy and trendy cuts with a hint of cheek; that’s Bikini Love. They’re also surf-friendly: racerback straps and full-cover tops make these great for SUP and surf. From R249, OnlineBikiniShop.com.

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