The New Routine That’s Making LootLove Look So Glowy After Pregnancy

by | Jul 26, 2019 | FitMama

Lootlove – queen of style and TV presenter Luthando Shosha – recently became a mamma. But don’t for a second think that motherhood is slowing her down. If you’ve been keeping tabs on this babe (like we have), you’ll know that she’s actually been stepping up her fitness game. Here’s the new routine that’s literally got her glowing…

Lootlove in training

It all began with an invite to participate in the OMO 3 x Power obstacle course challenge. “I had no fitness level to speak of [before that],” Luthando admits. Nothing like a goal to work towards to get your butt into (workout) gear.

The catch? She had just one month to go from zero to hero. “Working with my trainer, we focused a lot on seeing what my body could handle,” Luthando explains. Don’t forget that only a couple of months prior to this she was pregnant with twins!

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Each week was broken up into three training sessions. And “each day differed,” she said. One day would be dedicated to weighted workouts for her upper body; another would be devoted to arms. Take-home tip: This form of cross-training can really speed up your fitness journey and produce incredible results.

Favourite exercise? For Luthando, it’s boxing. Boxing is a great cardio workout that’s actually trending in 2019. It’s short, intense and punchy (excuse the pun). “I can’t wait until I can go for much longer,” LootLove says, “and get my full rhythm back.”


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Training has begun! Super excited to share that I’m part of @omo_southafrica’s 3 x Power Challenge! We’re going head to head in the craziest challenge yet & I’m obviously getting ready to win! ????? I’m reppin TEAM FRESH and we’re going against TEAM CARE (@aishaandlife & TEAM TOUGH STAINS (@janez_vermeiren ). I want YOU to be a part of my team this Saturday at Jozi X! Get ready to get dirty! 1. Tag the bestie you’d want to do the @omo_southafrica 3 x Power challenge with! 2. Tag @omo_southafrica & #3xPowerChallenge I will announce winners tomorrow evening! ?????? Rules: Competition open to JHB residents only. Must have own transport to and from venue! P.s Team Tough stains @janez_vermeiren , thanks for the inspiration! We’re ready to “crush” you…) Team Care: @aishaandlife Girl power! ? ? & Training By: @apex_aesthetica! #Omo3xPowerChallenge #TeamFresh #MomLifeFitLifeFreshLife

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Amping it up

“In the beginning, I couldn’t skip for a full three minutes without taking a break,” LootLove admits. “I also couldn’t plank for 30 seconds without dropping. Now I can skip beyond three minutes and I’m almost planking a full minute.”

Luthando loved the obstacle course challenge — the team spirit and muddy obstacles were all she needed to ignite a renewed dedication to fitness. “I’ve been making healthier choices in terms of what I eat [now] and I’m being careful by listening to my body. I’m currently training three times a week, but the plan is to amp it up to five times.” We’re officially in awe.

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