The Healthiest Times To Eat If You Want To Lose Weight

by | May 9, 2016 | Weight Loss

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The times you eat can have a bigger influence on your size than your metabolism or kilojoules! Eat at these times and prepare to lose weight…

Yup, your inner clock may have an even bigger influence on your size than your metabolism or how many kilojoules you consume. Mealtimes are a good place to start:

Breakfast: 7-9am

Sunrise flips your biochemical switch from “resting” to “alert” by triggering a release of cortisol, an energising hormone that can raise blood-sugar levels. Eating right after waking can double that surge, which – oops – may cause your bod to store more kilojoules as belly fat. So leave your bed between 6 and 8, but wait an hour or so to nosh. Then, when you do break your fast, go big – research shows that a high-protein, high-carbohydrate, high-kilojoule (truth!) breakfast may make you less likely to overeat later. Also mix in 
a little healthy fat to ensure a slow, steady release of sustaining energy. Gobble avo toast, peanut butter oats, or full-fat Greek yoghurt with sugar-
free granola.

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Lunch: 12-2pm

The sooner, the better – and not just because the salad bar hasn’t yet run out of romaine. Research suggests that people who eat lunch earlier experience faster and greater weight loss than those who eat later, despite getting the same amount of nutrients. If you expect a late meal, munch a protein-rich snack like hummus beforehand.

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Dinner: 6-9pm

Your goal is a meal that combines protein, carbs and healthy fat, such as salmon with quinoa and greens. Fuel up, then stop eating. The hours between dinnertime and bedtime are a major snacking – and weight gain – trap, so preplan an activity that keeps you from reaching mindlessly for food.

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