“I Lost 47 Kilos And I Feel Amazing, Confident And Smaller”
I forgot about me when I became a mother and in return I gained a lot of weight, plus baby fat. Until I decided to lose it again and lost 47 kilos.

May 9, 2017

Lucy lost 47 kilos

By Zinhlezonke Zikalala

“I have become a well-balanced person and more confident in everything I do”

Once you become a mother, it’s very easy to neglect yourself and put all your attention on your precious little ones. And before you know it you’ve packed on tons of weight without even realising it — and that was Lucy’s fate.

Lucy Cartwright

Occupation: Full-time Mom and Photographer
Age: 37
Weight before: 114 Kg
Weight after: 67 Kg
Height: 1.6m
Time required to reach current weight: 1 year 8 months
Secret weapon: Eat smart and train hard

The Gain

After being petite in her youth, Lucy’s weight gain was rapid after  she gave birth to two beautiful daughters; so much so that when the second one was just over a year, people were already asking when her third born was due while she was not even pregnant, just over weight. “I must admit it was my eating patterns that were out of hand, I ate bad food, sweets and savoury were a staple — I snacked  with carbs in the middle of the night downing it with sugary beverages” says Lucy. She had no rules whatsoever when it came to food. “I didn’t exercise – I was busy being a mom to my children,” she admits. Meanwhile the weight kept piling on.

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The Change

It took Lucy quiet a long time to realise this, but “I have been unhappy, unhealthy and uncomfortable for the longest time,” she says. “In 2015, I went on holiday in Mauritius – I was in paradise but didn’t feel like I was in paradise, I just felt horribly over-weight in my bikini while I was on the beach. And my GP had warned me about being diagnosed with diabetes and my cholesterol being too high,” confesses Lucy. That’s when she decided finally that this was it, the health scare and seeing photos of herself in the beach was enough convincing. Certain things needed to change and habits broken, “I joined a gym and started following a healthy eating plan,” she adds.

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The Lifestyle

“I have become a well balanced person, more confident in everything I do,” she Lucy. Her whole mind-set changed, “I have adapted a strong mind, discipline and self controlled and not by food or emotions anymore.” She trains for about 6 days at gym a week, doing cardio, weights and a lot of ab training. “I ditched mid-night snacking, a lot of carbs, bread and started preparing my own food at home which was more healthier and greener,” she explains.

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The Reward

“I feel amazing, different and smaller,” says Lucy. Seeing her body transform was kept her motivated, “seeing myself drop 5 dress sizes which was once a far dream made me so proud of myself,” she adds. What made it even more worthwhile was my husbands constant support and family that kept on complimenting me as I shed the weight.”

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Lucy’s Tips

— Don’t diet.
Find a healthy eating plan that you can adapt to and that you can enjoy
— Sacrifice
It plays a huge part in your transformation, especially your comfort foods
— Don’t lose focus
You have to really want to do this, its a tough road but so well worth it.

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