TikTok’s Loud Budgeting Trend Is What Your Wallet Needs In 2024, Say Financial Experts

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If 2023 was the year of quiet luxury, where financial status was only revealed through the quality of one’s cashmere, 2024 is taking a swing in the opposite direction. If you’ve scrolled TikTok recently, you’ve likely seen a plethora of videos all around the same topic: loud budgeting.

Loud budgeting is all about being unabashed with your financial goals and constraints. It’s telling people in your life, “No, I don’t want to spend R700 on your 7-course birthday brunch when I could make you a better meal at home for R100,” and feeling zero shame around that statement.

“It’s about time there’s disruption happening in the social media sphere where now millennials and Gen Z folks are taking control of their personal finances and saying no to the pressures of bottomless spending and materialism to look good among peers,” says financial therapist Thomas Faupl. Ultimately, he explains, loud budgeting is a way to “take back one’s power around financial values and goals.”


Replying to @operelly LOUD BUDGETING IS THE NEW 2024 trend

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Brent Reinhard, General Manager of Chase Freedom, agrees that “the loud budgeting trend is great for anyone who wants to get serious about financial wellness,” especially for “younger generations dealing with rising living costs and higher home prices.”

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How to do loud budgeting

If you’re interested in trying this trend, other content creators shared the ways they’ll be loud budgeting this year to inspire others. TikTok user Emma, who creates budgeting content, says she’ll be getting refills only on products like shampoo, conditioner, soap, face wash and more to try to cut costs. When she’s invited to a big trip or event, Emma says she’ll wear something in her closet, or borrow from a friend rather than spending money on a new outfit. Emma also says she’s getting a library card to cut down her spending on books.


#greenscreen pt.2 of ways I will be loud budgeting in 2024!! These small changes will hopefully help me hit my savings goals and build wealth this year :)) #loudbudgeting #budget #savingmoney #personalfinance #budgettips

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Another idea from Via Sophie on TikTok includes buying fragrances at stores like Zara, that smell great, but don’t cost hundreds of dollars like luxury fragrances.


Perfumes mentioned: 1. Zara – applejuice $12.90 2. Zara – orchid $20.90 3. Le Monde Gourmand – Fleur de Blonde $25 4. Le Monde Gourmand – Sel Ocean $26

♬ original sound – sophie

However you decide to try out this trend, loud budgeting is already the hottest way to flex your financial savvy this year.

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