Make-up Tools That’ll Make You A Beauty Expert —On Sale Right Now

by | Mar 9, 2019 | Make-up

Ever wondered which make-up tools would make you feel like an expert? Well, we got the essentials that will get your brows, foundation and eyes all on fleek. Besides looking pretty and polished, they’ll also save you precious minutes in the bathroom. Plus: you’ll have plenty of cash left over. We’re here for this sale


Looking for a non-streaky finish? Try a beauty sponge. You could be using the best foundation in the world, but without the right sponge you could look like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Try the Cala Contouring Makeup Sponge, available at Dis-Chem.



Beauty blenders are staples in every make-up artist’s bag. Why? You’ll get a dewy, airbrushed finish you can’t achieve with sponges and brushes. Try the Cala Beauty Blending Sponge, available at Dis-Chem.


Eyeshadow brushes

Looking for a Victoria Secret look? Or a day-date natural kind of look? No matter your preference… a good eyeshadow set will help you make it happen – and make it happen well. Try the Cala Shimmering Essential Eye Brush Kit, available at Dis-Chem.

Eye brushes

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Eyebrow brush

Wondering if you should really invest in a brow brush? The answer is yes! Behind any cool brow (Hadid, Jenner, Delevingne, Crawford) there’s a brush responsible for that (and, of course, genes). Add definition and dimension to yours. Try the Cala Brow Liner Brush, available at Dis-Chem.

Brow brush

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Lip brush

What’s trending right now? Ombre lips. If you’re mixing several shades, your go-to tool is a lip brush. Using a lipstick brush may also result in lipstick lasting longer because less product layers are used in each application. Try the Barbara Hofmann Lip Brush, available at Dis-Chem.

Lip brush

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