When Is The Right Time To Throw Out Your Make-Up?

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Raise your right hand if you’re a low-key hoarder. Yes, we’re talking about you, crusty-make-up girl… Well, we hate to break it to you — but there comes a time where you just have to let go and toss some of your old favourites. Even if it’s not finished. You’re probably wondering why…

Firstly, cosmetics have an expiry date — for a very good reason. Your faves could actually be the cause of your acne or allergies. If you can’t remember when you purchased your products (because it’s been that long), it’s a wrap. Here, the low-down on when each type of make-up needs to go.


A good base will carry through six to eight months (yes!), but if your liquid becomes lumpy, causes redness or gets really thick, time’s up. Throw it away or it’ll cause acne or sensitivity. Invest in a new one — for your skin’s sake.

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Blush and bronzer

Good ol’ blush can get you through the whole year. Yup, an entire 12 months. Just make sure you keep it in a cool, dry place to prevent colour loss and excess moisture, which can cause bacteria to grow. Tip: Wash your blush brush often.


The who’s who of make-up and beauty toss out their old mascaras after three months. Why? Eyelashes already carry bacteria, which gets transferred from your eye to your mascara wand. Don’t be that person who waits until it’s dry or super-clumpy — be the person who doesn’t get eye infections!

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Powdered eyeshadow can last up to two whole years. We ain’t even joking. But if your eyes are sensitive or you’re afraid of infection (it can happen), investing in new shadows every six months is the way to go.


The chance of bacteria getting into your lipstick is low because it doesn’t contain water, but the essential oils and vitamins in your fave lippie start to break down after a year – which calls for a replacement.

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