5 Grooming Products Your Guy Never Knew He Needed

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The men in your life may claim that they don’t use grooming products, even though your dad borrows your mom’s hand cream or your man asks if your shampoo that smells real good is finished. And at the end, like Carrie Bradshaw, you “can’t help but wonder” – why don’t they just buy their own stash? Now’s the perfect time to stock up. They’ll love these.

Pre-Shave Oil

Razor burn hurts and inflammation is a painful sign of what the skin endures when a razor is used on a guy’s beard. A pre-shave oil softens the skin and can prevent bumps and scratches. Almond, olive and castor oils allow for a smooth, nick-free shave. Try Sorbet Man Pre Shave Oil (R160), available at Clicks.



Men can be, ahem, lazier than women when it comes to slathering on sunscreen, so forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet are often noticeable. Get a multitasking moisturiser with SPF that’s light, oil-free and absorbs quickly. Try Clinique For Men SPF 21 (R540), available at Clicks.

Clinique For Men SPF 21

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Soap Bar

So he doesn’t like cleansers from a tube? Get him a classic soap bar that won’t leave his skin feeling tight, itchy or dry. Bonus: Get one that actively helps with oily skin and spots. Try MatsiMela Aloe Charcoal Bar (R65), available at Matsimela Online.


Beard Oil

You love his grizzly, sexy beard, but it’s looking dry and makes him – and you! – itch. Solution? A beard oil. Get one that won’t leave his skin oily, but will provide great shine and softness. Try Clubman Pinaud Beard & Tattoo Oil (R200), available at Dischem.

Clubman Pinaud Beard & Tattoo Oil

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Shaving Set

Nothing says spruced-up gent like a man who has a travel shave set for his beard, moustache and hairline edge. A high-quality leather-cased one will make him feel like 007 – and look like him too. Try Edwin Jagger Mach 3 Travel Set Brown Leather (R3 500), available at Crabtree & Evelyn. The interior lining is waterproof and supports the razor with a compartment for spare blades.

Edwin Jagger Mach 3 Travel Set

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