“I Started Running As An Emotional Release To Just Clear My Mind”

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Fitness

We all know Mapule Ndhlovu as the ‘Queen of fitness’ — a pro athlete with killers abs, insane power moves and mad skipping skills — but did you know that she also loves to run?

She also happens to be one of the faces of adidas’ new ‘Feel The Boost’ campaign… so she gave us the low-down on the Boost technology and what motivates her to ‘lace-up’:

Why did you start running?

“I started running as an emotional release so that I could just clear my mind, cry, think and feel better with all that was happening in my life.”

How does running fit into your lifestyle?

“Running really gives me a different ‘feeling’ compared to all the other exercises I do. I use running as my time to think and clear my mind and it helps with my over-all cardiovascular fitness.”

Tell us about the impact that sport has had on your life.

“If it wasn’t for running I can’t even imagine where I would be today. Not only has it changed my outlook on life it has changed my entire world. Sport has given me the opportunity to work with amazing global brands such as adidas. I am now in a position where I inspire many people through the power of sport.”

How important is finding the right gear for specific workout sessions?

“Wearing the right gear not only gives you confidence, but it helps you feel more comfortable and move freely without thinking too much. The right gear also prevents you from getting unnecessary injuries — don’t head off for a run in training shoes, because you will regret it.”

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What does the adidas ‘Feel The Boost’ campaign mean to you?

“’Feel the boost’ means not having to think too much about your running — you just get in the zone, let your feet move and enjoy the feeling of being alive.”

How do you personally ‘Feel The Boost’ when you run?

“The Boost technology allows me to run pain-free… so I can move better and faster.”

What do you love the most about the Boost technology?

“The 3D heal frame component makes my shoes more supportive —  it’s comfortable, responsive and very light.”

adidas ULTRABOOST 19 shoes

Do you have a personal Boost story?

“I struggle with my knee sometimes, especially after running a long distance. I must say that wearing running shoes with Boost technology has been a good experience — it’s helped me feel no pain after my runs.”

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