This One Ingredient Will Give Your Morning Oats A Major Boost

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Recipes

Matcha — the concentrated form of green tea — has a distinct and rich flavour that’ll take your go-to bowl from ordinary to out-of-this-world delicious. It’s packed full antioxidants (hello, glowing skin) and can be used in baking, cooking… plus it makes a mean latte.

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Looking for an extra hit of green tea? Try the new Listerine Green Tea mouthwash (after your morning oats of course!). It contains fluoride which is effective for enamel protection. So, what exactly does this mean?

> Strengthens tooth enamel even in hard-to-reach places
> Reduces and prevents plaque, a major cause of gum disease
> Freshens breath with natural Green Tea taste

Regular use of this refreshing mouthwash helps strengthens the tooth surface and makes it more resistant.

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