5 Reasons This Mauritius Holiday Is A Wellness Dream

by | Oct 24, 2023 | Travel

If we said ‘Mauritius holiday’, you’d likely think ‘couple’s paradise’. But the island, surrounded by idyllic beaches and dotted with fun encounters, makes for the perfect getaway. At the northern tip of the island, past meandering sugar cane fields, you’ll find a veritable oasis of luxury at Club Med La Plantation d’Albion, an all-inclusive resort, offering food, drinks and activities galore.

What’s Club Med?

An all-inclusive resort spanning the beachfront, this space takes the work out of travelling to various spots for your much-needed R ‘n R. Relax all day if you want, but there are tons of activities on offer. All drinks, food and most activities are offered for free when booking at a Club Med resort.

At La Plantation d’Albion, there’s a daily breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet with tons of options to satisfy your cravings. I spent some time wandering past the various food stations on offer, where French and Malay food are on offer, including curries, croissants and pastas.

Club Med La Plantation d'Albion
Club Med La Plantation d’Albion

1. Party ‘til you drop

Every evening, I was treated to a different themed party, all taking place in different areas of the resort. One night, a party at the Zen Zone, where the tranquil venue overlooking the ocean was transformed into a party space complete with a DJ and flowing drinks. Another night, dinner under the stars in our all-white attire, where lanterns and lights lit up the open air. Travelling with your girls? The parties make for a compelling reason to visit Club Med, where every night is a new reason to dress up and party the night away.

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2. Get your sweat on

There are so many opportunities to get a workout going at this Mauritius holiday. And wellness is written in the Club Med DNA. From HIIT workouts overlooking the beach to soothing yoga and even trapeze, there are tons of options to move your bod. Another big plus? The walking. Since the resort is so large (golf carts take you from spot to spot), you could spend ages meandering through flower-framed paths and sandy routes that take you to beach and beyond. Since being deskbound is part of my lifestyle, I relished the opportunity to just walk from place to place and make my smartwatch a little happier.

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3. Spend some time in the ocean

Want something more fun, less work? Book a sailing experience or take a boat out and go snorkelling. I tried out the latter and was astounded by the amount of reefs and colourful fish wandering around their underwater city. Of course, the actual beach is as warm and dreamy as you can imagine – with fewer waves, thanks to the reef break a kilometre away. At the beach, there’s also a bar, towels and recliners with plenty of space for anyone looking to unwind. Of course, umbrellas abound. You’d hardly want to spend your time anywhere else.

Mauritius holiday at Club Med La Plantation d'Albion
The beach, complete with luxury recliners, at the Club Med La Plantation d’Albion resort.

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4. Let go at the spa

Club Med La Plantation d’Albion’s spa is a must-visit. It’ll cost you a bit extra, but the treatments are incredible, from the Turkish bath to the transformational massages. My treatment overlooked the breathtaking ocean and little birds chirped outside. I was transported into a state of complete bliss so powerful that I fell asleep. Thereafter, I stayed at the post-treatment room, an outside patio overlooking the ocean, framed with giant aloes and accentuated by little birds that came to visit as we sipped on soothing tea or water.

Mauritius holiday at the Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth Geopark
WH Features Editor Michelle October at the Chamarel Seven-Coloured Earth Geopark

5. Head outside the resort

I headed out of the resort for a day of sightseeing, which is a must. The one I loved the most? The famous local rum distillery, La Rhumerie de Chamarel. It boasts around nine different types of rums and liqueurs to try, all made on-site. If you’re still standing, get to the Chamarel Seven-Coloured Earth Geopark. It’s a natural phenomenon where the soil, because of lava eruption, turned into seven unique shades in the ground. It’s a marvel to behold. After, head to the nearby waterfall and soak in its majesty. It’s amazing how much is on offer in Africa – and a trip to Mauritius at Club Med is well worth it.

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