4 Reasons Why We’re Obsessed With Our May/June 2024 Cover Star Tyla (Plus More)

by | May 2, 2024 | Cover Star

And surely you’ve been living under a rock if you’re not as obsessed as we are! Undoubtedly South Africa’s most famous girl right now, Tyla’s rise to fame didn’t come without some lessons that the rest of us can glean from. As our May/June 2024 cover star and gracing an issue we’ve themed ‘Fit At Any Age’ (and we’re not just talking body fitness, but tackling emotional fitness too) Tyla’s story is testament to the power of authenticity!

“This issue, our cover is giving youthful abandon from our very own Tyla who’s managed to take over the international music world by simply being herself. You are enough to handle any age – just be open to it,” says our editor Gotlhokwang Angoma-Mzini.

Here’s why we’re so inspired by Tyla right now…

1. An Authentic Hun

The only person you need to show up as in the world is yourself. This is one lesson that’s always so evident in all of Tyla’s interviews – and a quality she possesses in bucket loads. From her uniquely South African accent (which she has no intentions of changing to accommodate her global fans) to not letting fame go to her head, what’s there not to love about this global pop icon who’s humble and doesn’t take herself too seriously!

2. A Young Pioneer

Back in the day, Tyla took a chance on the then-new Amapiano, fusing the genre with smooth R&B vocals long before it was fashionable to do so. A pioneer in that regard, she further expanded Amapiano’s reach. To date, she has blended many African genres into her sound – a formula that has given birth to much-loved Popiano sound worldwide. 

3. Pure Talent

An absolute marvel to watch, Tyla is a well-rounded entertainer who can sing and dance just as well. Tyla is easily in a league of the Beyoncés of this world. In fact, some people describe her as the reincarnation of the late, legendary South African pop stars Lebo Mathosa and Brenda Fassie. Pure talent. 

4. A Dynamite

It’s not hard to see just how Tyla operates at the highest level of her creative power. From her music videos to her live performances, every single detail is considered. And she delivers a world-class standard every single time!

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Remember…It’s never too late to start living well. Find the May/June 2024 issue of Women’s Health on shelves now, or buy yourself a digital copy. Happy reading!

Women’s Health May June 2024 Issue

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