“I Tried Meditating For 3 Days — And This Is What I Learned”

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Health

I’ve never tried meditation. To me, it was a thing only done by people who seem to have their shit together. And I for one, do not. When my friend suggested this mindfulness app called Headspace, I laughed in his face. I become anxious quite easily and he said Headspace would help. And he was right, for once. But it took a whole lot of self-control to realise that.

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There I was, sitting in the train, surrounded by 50 other people in my carriage. My stress levels run sky high when I’m taking public transport. Will I be safe? Will I reach my destination on time? Will the drunk man sitting across me stop singing Omunye so loudly? I took out my phone, clicked on the Headspace app and got into a comfortable position. The first sound I heard was the voice of a British man. Now, if that alone won’t get me calm then I don’t know what will…

Although I only tried meditating for three days, I noticed a clear change. Here’s what I learned.

Meditation Can Be A Great Distraction

When procrastination levels hit an all-time high, I find myself scrolling through Instagram or Facebook for hours on end. Since Headspace landed on my phone, in my free time I heal my mind. I can give my brain abs!

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Meditation Is Cheaper Than Therapy

Sitting on a couch talking to some rich old lady can be time-consuming and costly. By contrast, the free app takes just a minute or two to download. Meditation kinda forces you to think. Because of the silence that comes with the breathing exercises, my mind tended to float away to the problems I was trying to avoid. But the British man in my ears encouraged me through it. Instead of focusing on “nothing”, let your brain do its thing.

It’s Important To Have Some Quiet Time

All of us need to pause sometimes – just an instant to get away from all the tensions and conflict that arise on an everyday basis. Mental health is crucial, but the mind is often neglected. When I started meditating, I was forced (with my consent) to be quiet and immerse myself in a peaceful atmosphere.

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Anxiety Can Be Tamed

There’s a common misconception that anxiety is something that can’t be be tamed. But yesterday, when my train was stood still for 40 minutes in the middle of nowhere, I didn’t freak out. Instead, I just did a quick five-minute meditation and my breathing helped me stay calm.

When having panic attacks, I subconsciously trigger myself to become even more anxious, but ever since learning about what the brain can do, I’m teaching myself to turn the stressful moments into opportunities to take a much-needed breather.

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