Meet The New Range That’ll Shake Up Your Workout

by | Sep 9, 2016 | Style

By Gina Beretta; Photography by Mark Cameron, adidas/Instagram

It’s hot hot hot!

Let’s be honest, nothing gets us more excited than new workout gear. When we heard adidas was launching a new brand category – adidas Athletics – we literally jumped for joy! It also firmly confirmed our suspicion that the ‘athleisure’ trend is no longer a fleeting moment in the fashion world… it’s a lifestyle and it’s definitely here to stay.

For the past two years, the brand has been heavily investing in the development of technical products that are also visually appealing enough to wear 24/7. For example one of the most popular sneakers amongst international trendsetters, the Ultra Boost, is in fact a legit running shoe. Performance and style is the way forward, which bring us to the launch of adidas Athletics…

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The first bit of kit you need to get your hands on? The Z.N.E (Zero Negative Energy) Hoodie. The name has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? The design of the hoodie places a strong emphasis on maintaining mental focus (super important for anyone who takes their training seriously). It’s said to reduce noise reduction, minimise visual interference and offers protection from discomfort.

The over-sized double-layered hood has front panels to eliminate all distractions and is large enough to fit even the biggest headphones comfortable underneath… so you can definitely turn up the beats and get in the zone. It’s also heavy-duty enough to protect you from the wind (yeah, we’re talking about you South Easter!)

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It come in neutral colours of white, ice blue, collegiate navy, black and olive cargo. We’re calling dibs on the white hoodie!

The launch has gained strong support from world renowned athletes like La Liga superstar Gareth Bale and global ambassadors Tori Bowie, James Harden, Ana Ivanovic and Coco Shillin just to name a few.

adidas Athletics launches on 10 September 2016.

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