Light Up Your Breakfast With This Latest Trend — Mermaid Toast!

by | Mar 15, 2017 | Food & Nutrition

by Alice Paulse; courtesy of Instagram

Breakfast is about to get way more colourful

Avocado toast? Rainbow-hued treats? We left that behind in 2016. Mermaid toast is officially a thing, so grab a fork because it’s about to your new breakfast obsession.

Mermaid toast is the latest craze to take over Instagram. Created by food stylist Adeline Waugh, using blue-green algae powders mixed with almond-milk cream cheese. This results in the striking turquoise hues of the water.

Waugh also introduced us to the concept of unicorn toast back in January, but her latest take on breakfast is beautiful. It’s got a few flecks of gold that mimic the glittery scales of a mermaid’s tail. She posted a picture of the mermaid toast on social media, admitting that her intention was not to create a new food trend. She just happened to be inspired.

“Not sure what to call this…but I’m thinking mermaid toast, as to continue the tradition of naming toast after mythical creatures,” she wrote on her Instagram @vibrantandpure.

However, there are a few Ursula’s lurking around, so before Waugh’s toast could even take off, she had to deal with a few haters. Defending her colourful creating against Internet trolls who criticised the mermaid toast for being too… fun! C’mon.

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Responding to those naysayers Adeline wrote, “Let me just put this out there: I am just having fun! “I am a food stylist, and I like to create beautiful things using food. I’ve never claimed to be starting a trend or a putting out a new recipe that is super practical. It’s 100% impractical; I just like to play around in the kitchen. And attempt to create something aesthetically pleasing and unique from time to time. Also, I don’t know about you, but with everything going on in the world today. Sometimes I just want to look at some colourful food.”

We couldn’t agree more. How she stumbled on the name? She couldn’t decide on the name. Then she decided on Mermaid Toast because, as she said “, continue the tradition of naming toast after mythical creatures.” Plus, it seems to work well since sea creatures probably have to deal with a lot of algae.”

Move over unicorn foods!

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