The Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe That’ll Warm You Up

by | Apr 17, 2013 | Recipes

Need a mood booster? Nothing beats chocolate…

What You Need

500ml fat-free milk
3 cinnamon sticks
2 cloves
1 tsp vanilla paste
100g milk or dark chocolate
broken into pieces
125ml strong espresso

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Pour milk into a heavy-based pan. Add cinnamon, cloves and vanilla paste, and heat until just boiling. Remove from heat and leave to cool slightly. Divide chocolate into four small heat-proof glasses, top with hot espresso, then strain milk into glasses. Serve immediately.

SERVES 4. Per 202g serving: 794kJ, 8g fat (5g sat), 75mg sodium, 22g carbs, 1g fibre, 21g sugars, 6g protein

Nothing beats a steaming cup of chocolaty goodness on a chilly day.

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