“I Went From Couch Potato To Exercising 5 Days A Week — And Lost 30kgs”

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Weight Loss

By Zinhlezonke Zikalala

Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight, but neither does weight loss…

“Losing weight is hard work and a lengthy process — it requires willpower and determination,” says Michelle. Here, she tells the inspirational story of how she lost 30kg in nine months. Steal her simple weight-loss hacks!

Michelle Janse van Rensburg

Occupation: Pensioner
Age: 53
Height: 1.71m
Weight before: 106.2kg
Weight after: 77.3kg
Time taken to lose weight: 9 months
Secret weapon: Diet and exercise

The Gain

“My weight has always been a problem,” confesses Michelle. Takeaways, starches and Coca-Cola were her staple food, and the only exercise she got involved climbing the stairs at work and running around the office — that was it. So the weight packed on. But because her siblings were also overweight, it just seemed normal. “You just let yourself go until one day you’re realise: this isn’t cool,” she adds.

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The Change

“I got to a point where getting off the couch was difficult,” she admits. This called for change — a big one. That change started with her deciding to incorporate exercising into her routine, “I joined Shapes in Amanzimtoti, where I got tools to lead a healthier lifestyle,” she says. Along side that; she cut out sugar, starch and junk food. “I completely cleaned up my diet — fruits and vegetables are more my vibes now,” says Michelle. Those are winning vibes.

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The Lifestyle

As difficult as it was to keep up with the exercising — Michelle didn’t give up, she kept at it. “I started off with a 30 minuet workout everyday at the gym, for five days a week, I still do the same time but now its more intense workouts,” she says. Since the change, she’s been keeping a close eye on what she puts into her mouth and ensures that it’s nothing that will deter her from her weight loss journey.

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The Reward

“It took a bit of time for my body to kick in and lose the weight, but when it did — it did. By the end of the year I had lost 103 cm’s already,” she says. Dropping her jean sizes from an 18 to a 12. “I’m healthier, full of energy, confident and I feel so good in my clothes now… and extremely proud of my achievements,” she says. Slay you PYT!

Michelle’s Tips

Make a choice and get started with.
Get your mind in your right place.
Rise above the excuses.
Just go on and exercise.
Take responsibility for your actions.
You will be rewarded.

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