5 Genius Money-Saving Hacks That’ll Have You Retiring WAY Earlier

by | Apr 9, 2019 | Career & Money

Feel like you’re going to be working your fingers to the bone until you’re old and grey? It doesn’t have to be that way. Not if you use these money-saving hacks. Here, ways to make your randelas go further…

One of the key ways to becoming financially independent? Slashing expenses so you can pay off debt and invest that extra moolah in order to build a massive income. The more you save, the more you can invest and the sooner you can give the finger to your 9-to-5. Try these hacks:

Get smart with your period

Use menstrual cups instead of buying pads and tampons to save around R3 600 over 10 years.

The Goddess cup is a reusable menstrual cup, which will last for years, unlike single-use pads and tampons. Plus: It's free of the harsh chemicals found in conventional sanitary products.

Opt for seasonal produce

Buy only seasonal produce to save coin on fruit and vegetables (and, as we all know, this is also better for your health and the environment. Win-win-win.)

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Pick the right coffee shop

Buy your morning caffeine hit from the café that offers a discount for bringing your own cup.

Try Cape Coffee Beans' eCoffee Cup – a natural reusable coffee cup/travel mug.

Use your wheels for deals

Only use your wheels on the weekend. Sign up for a car-sharing service (check out RentMyRide.co.za) and make money from your car.

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And always ask yourself this question…

Before you buy anything, ask yourself, “Is this worth the time at work I’m exchanging it for?” If yes, go for it. If no, walk away.

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