21 Gifts To Give Mom The Extra Dose Of Love She Needs This Year

by | May 7, 2024 | Gifts

Reminder, reminder: Mother’s Day is around the corner! While we know that no single gift will ever repay your mom for all that she’s given you over the years, we also know that nothing screams “I love you“, “you’re special” and “I’m sorry for all the grief I ever caused you“, quite like a warm, thoughtful gift. We’ve scoured the “online shelves” to find a bunch of Mother’s Day gifts that she’ll adore.

Mama Knows Best Twinning Pyjamas

mother's day gifts matching pyjamas

Perfect for doting new moms, this cutesy twinning pyjamas set has a matching set for younger kids! The Mother’s Day Insta post just got way cuter. 

Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro Electric Toothbrush

Oral hygiene directly impacts heart health, making a quality toothbrush a thoughtful gift. Even amidst busy schedules, this tool ensures mom can maintain her oral health efficiently, fitting perfectly into her packed days between work, family and school schedules.

With a unique 10° bend and drop-shaped head, it effortlessly reaches every nook of the mouth. Up to 84,000 movements per minute ensure thorough cleaning. CURACURVE® technology makes oral care a breeze, while Curen® bristles ensure optimal performance.

Oscar de la Renta Bella Blanca EDP 

mother's day gift oscar de la renta bella blanca

Gift your mom something effortlessly chic and luxurious. Notes of freesia, jasmine sambac and creamy sandalwood give off the timeless elegance your mom represents. 

Cricut Joy

It’s a nifty crafting dynamo! The Cricut Joy is compact yet powerful, cutting through vinyl, paper and beyond. Now, Mom can craft wherever inspiration strikes – from her cosy corner to the kitchen table during her coffee break.

TranquilTub Restorative Bath Soak

Give her the gift of self-care with a blend of magnesium sulfate, hemp seed extract and plant essences, soothing tired muscles and softening skin. With its anti-inflammatory properties and calming fragrance, it’s the perfect way to say “Sleep tight, mom”.

Electric Coffee Warmer Coaster and Mug Set

electric coaster and mug mother's day gifts

If she’s the type of mom who can’t sit still – and therefore always lets her bevvie get cold – allow her this convenience. Classy and functional? A resounding yes! 

Wooden Suduko

wooden soduko mother's day gift

Perfect for the mom who likes stimulating her mind, this pretty set allows her to challenge herself for hours. For brownie points, make sure to play the first round with her. 

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Home Candle

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Home Candle

The iconic candle still burns. Juicy pomegranate and guaiac wood waft through the air, bringing ambience to any moment. Pair with her fave hobby and you’ve got a winner. 

Clarins Double Serum & Nutri-Lumiére Set 

Clarins Double Serum & Nutri-Lumiére Set  mother's day gifts

She’s been eyeing these products but never justified buying it for herself. Now’s your chance. The set does it all to boost radiance and fight wrinkles and includes a serum, day cream and night cream. 

Personalised Mum Mug 

Typo mug mother's day gifts

Not only is this a perfect – and useful – memento, she can take it to the office and brag about how amazing her daughter is. Win-win. 

Freedom Of Movement Recycled Travel Tote 

Freedom of Movement tote

For the jet-setter, the yogi, the mom who carries her life in her handbag. This beautiful tote, made with recycled materials, supports our local economy. 

Fossil Neutra Chronograph Watch

Fossil Neutra Chronograph Watch

A classic, timeless piece that will show her how much you care. Wrap it up with flowers or an album of memories to make it meaningful. 

Le Creuset Calm Collection Set

Le Creuset Calm Collection Set

No one turns down a Le Creuset piece – and this will be displayed proudly in her home. Each mug is resistant to odour absorption and won’t stain. 

Meraki Gold Children’s Drawing Disc Necklace

Meraki Gold Children's Drawing Disc Necklace

Take a trip down memory lane with a custom disc necklace. Simply send through a drawing you made when you were a kid and Meraki will do the rest. Great for new moms, too! 

Veldskoen Limited Edition Slipper

Veldskoen Limited Edition Slipper mother's day gifts

If you’ve given her slippers every year for ages, end the streak with these, made to last. Lined with sheepskin and reinforced with a solid heel, she can take these out to the garden for many years to come. 

Babylonstoren Garden Tour Gift Box 

Babylonstoren Garden Tour Gift Box 

A gift for the nature-lovers, from Babylonstoren’s garden. Herb-infused sugar cookies, nougat and Vonkeltee make up this culinary delight. Pair with your presence. 

Click & Grow Smart Indoor Gardening Kit

Click & Grow Smart Indoor Gardening Kit

Green thumb that suffers in winter? Make things last with this indoor gardening kit, so her basil never gives up the ghost. The perfect Mother’s Day gift for your plant-loving mom!

Frida Kahlo Cotton PJ Set

Frida Kahlo Cotton PJ Set mother's day gifts

This gorgeous pyjama set celebrates the iconic artist in style. Made with cool cotton, it’ll keep her warm at night. 

L’Occitane Glow & Radiance Reine Blanche Skin Collection

L’Occitane Glow & Radiance Reine Blanche Skin Collection

These vitamin C-enriched products help illuminate her skin. Plus, this Mother’s Day gift has everything she needs: a wash, scrub and mask and two creams to lock things in. Who’s up for a spa day? 

Wacaco Nanopresso Espresso Maker

“Motherhood, powered by love and fuelled by coffee.” If that rings true for your mom, then this versatile espresso machine is exactly what she needs!

Poetry Khaleesi Ditsy Flower Scarf

Wrap your mom in a burst of colour with this vibrant scarf, doubling as a neckerchief or a style enhancer. Plus, it’s right on trend with this year’s Pantone colours, ensuring her winter look is not just chic, but effortlessly up-to-date!

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