REVEALED: The Movement Lab Is Coming To Fit Night Out! Plus, The Exact Science Behind Our Power Pilates Workout

by | Jul 11, 2023 | WH Promotion & Events

Pilates. One of the toughest workouts out there, but one of the most rewarding, too. From healing injuries to elongating and building lean muscle, there’s a lot to be said about the benefits of this top workout. That’s why we’re bringing it to Fit Night Out, presented by the incredible Jessica Mandel from The Movement Lab.

“I’m so excited to connect and move together to celebrate what our bodies can do,” says Mandel. “We have always loved and admired the Fit Night Out events and so it is surreal that we now get to be a part of it!”

Jessica Mandel

The Movement Lab’s workouts 

With pumping tunes that have you moving along rhythmically, The Movement Lab is all about the music and movement working together. It’s one of the best ways to ensure your mind is simultaneously focused on the movement while *actually* enjoying that muscle burn. “The Movement Lab adds a dynamic twist to traditional Pilates workouts,” explains Mandel. “We stick to the core principles of Pilates – encouraging anatomical awareness, optimal alignment and core engagement and add the pace and primal movements from functional fitness, synchronising it all to the beat of the best music.” Sounds like an absolute vibe to us! 

Why we’re loving Pilates for FNO 

While jumping and jiving is great for your bod, Pilates has its own time-honoured space in fitness and we love to pay attention to every inch of our bodies at WH. With Pilates, you’re able to do just that. 

Pilates eases aches 

Specifically in your lower back, where tons of people have issues from sitting around for too long. Per this 2020 study, Pilates can level out imbalances that cause lower back pain, easing it and adding muscle activation to other overlooked areas. 

It’ll build serious muscle

Your entire trunk, including your sides, butt, hips and yes, that ever-important stomach area, will be worked. Pilates focuses on breathwork that helps activate these areas and strengthen them. Each move is done deliberately, slowly and carefully, so that all areas of your bod are targeted. Want to unveil six-pack abs? This is the workout for you. 

You’ll improve your posture 

Since so much attention is paid to your core and other small muscles, Pilates works well to improve posture. You’ll rework those hunched muscles and uncover a taller posture which has the added bonus of making you appear leaner. 

You’ll improve your lunch capacity 

Get winded just climbing upstairs? Pilates will have you feeling stronger, since every move is echoed in your breath, which strengthens the lungs and increases its capacity. This spills over into everyday life, too. You’ll be better able to manage stress through regular breathwork. 

Want in? 

“We’re bringing you a 30-minute Power Pilates class where we’ll build up compound Pilates flows – enabling you to scale back or level up where needed, ensuring that everyone is included and moving together,” explains Mandel. “We’re designing this class with the other workouts of the day in mind, making sure that you’re getting a balanced, full-body and three-dimensional flow.”

At Fit Night Out, we’re gearing up for an evening of next-level fitness fun. We’ll be doing Pilates, a step-less step workout, HIIT, a killer warm-up and a dance workout and even more. Want in? Get your tickets right now and prepare to have the time of your life! 

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