REVEALED: Join Takkies At Fit Night Out For A Full-Body Dance Workout!

by | Jun 27, 2023 | WH Promotion & Events

With Takkies at Fit Night Out, expect to love on yourself as you dance the night away with her unique dance fitness routines. Go ahead and shimmy, shake (and sweat!).

Takkies came into our hearts when she joined the #WHNextFitStar competition in 2016. Her unique brand of self-love and dancing with joy cemented her place in the fitness space. She founded @RockingnHeels, where women come together to celebrate their bodies while grooving in heels – no easy feat. Even though she relocated to London, she still inspires us with dance classes and her approach to health. “Love your beautiful body,” says Takkies. “We need to take care of our bodies and build a healthy honest relationship with ourselves.”

There’s a lot to expect at Fit Night Out – and Takkies’ dance class is one of the best ways to have fun while working up a sweat! “I love that [FNO is] an energy-filled, fun workout party where you can connect with other amazing women. With the variety of workout styles, I love that there’s something for everybody,” says Takkies. “It feels like the perfect friendship date to experience with a good group of friends. There’s food and really cool activities to keep you entertained.”

Why We Love A Takkies Workout 

You’ll work up a sweat 

From stepping, jumping and grooving, you can expect to sweat and torch those calories. A person weighing 70kg on average burns 7 calories per minute of dancing. If you apply that to a 30-minute class, you can expect to burn around 210 calories – enough to make serious headway in your calorie-burning goal for the day. 

You’ll improve your memory 

Memorising moves that go along with a specific tune is not particularly easy. And your brain will get a workout as well as your body. Per a study conducted by Colorado State University, dancing choreography not only improves your health but boosts your brain’s ability to remember things. Plus, you’ll be moving in different ways, so this ups your body’s coordination abilities, too. 

You’ll have fun 

From constant encouragement to the way she explains each dance move, you’ll be laughing, having a ball and feeling really good about your bod. Takkies’ unique take on dance aims to empower women to love their bodies and feel positively towards all the things it can do for them.

You’ll be inspired 

Been slogging away doing HIIT in the gym? From all these benefits, you might be inspired to swap out one day a week of the regular gym routine for dancing instead. It burns kilojoules, tones muscle, and most importantly, it’s so fun you’ll forget how hard you’re working. This is one workout you’ll want to do again and again. “I create a fun, safe space for women to come as they are. My energy and light spread through my teaching which will leave you feeling uplifted and amazing,” says Takkies. We can’t agree more!

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