The 54 Best Trendy Winter Coats And Jackets Of 2023

by | May 12, 2023 | Style

Wondering what the must-have trending winter jackets are this Autumn/Winter 2023 season? You’re in luck, we’ve got all the answers right here. And we’ve done the hard work (online shopping) to bring you the latest and greatest currently on offer.

When it comes to winter dressing, “bundling up” and being warm is a first priority. And a warm fab winter jacket is all you need to survive the coldest of days. But what does that look like? Well, it’s all about vibrant colours, textures, shapes and details. Ready to layer up and look good? We’re giving the cold weather MVP a revamp!

Bright Puffs

woman in a bright puffer winter jackets

If snug-meets-cool is what you’re gunning for, we highly recommend a bright coloured puffer. It’s a staple you’ll be seeing in almost every shop you walk into this season so you can get one anywhere.

And seriously, don’t play it safe. We’re ditching the blacks, beiges and whites when it comes to our down jackets. For an instant mood lift, add at least one colourful coat or jacket to your winter wardrobe.

You don’t have to break the bank either and there’s something for every budget. From a popping purple puffer from our fave Mr Price to an absolutely gorgeous pink puffer from PUMA that’s tapping right into the trend of #Barbiecore, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

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Trendy Trenches

Okay, we’re just going to come out and say it. This is THE winter trend of 2023, it’s giving Sofia Richie and Quiet Luxury in the best way and you’ll see people rocking them in malls, on walks and even in your local Virgin Active (yes, we saw it!). If you haven’t caved already and bought yourself a trench coat yet, that’s about to change when you take a peek at these 6 trenches. There are the classic neutrals of black, beige and grey but if you’re feeling brave you can snag a mint or hot pink coat and stand out.

Faux Furs

woman in a faux fur coat winter jackets

Whether you opt for a full faux fur coat or just the collar, either way, you’ll be making a style statement. The aim? To look super luxe while keeping warm!

And if you’re looking for some styling advice, we’ve got that, too. Style your fur coat with a midi dress layered over a polo neck with sneakers for a cool, street-style-inspired look (check out the purple Nike coat for inspo). Or pair a patterned coat with a loose-fitting two piece ensemble and heeled boots for the ultimate look to conquer the office catwalk.

However you choose to style your fave faux fur coat, you can be rest assured it’s a trend that will stand the test of time and you’ll be pulling it out next winter. It’s well worth the investment!

Luxe Leathers

Leather. is. everywhere. And it’s the ultimate staple in every cool girl’s wardrobe. From the classic black leather trench coat to interesting colours and even blazers, it will elevate any basic outfit and help you achieve that effortlessly chic look. We especially love the leather coat from local brand Me&B (it comes in black and white!)

Shiny Brights

woman in a metallic puffer winter jackets

No, you’re not seeing things, along with all things y2k, metallic is back and hotter than ever. But why in winter? Well, adding a statement piece like a metallic jacket can turn a boring outfit into a bold, trendy ensemble in a flash.

Going out on a chilly winter’s night? Pair it with leather pants and boots. Heading out for a winter workout? Toss on the jacket from Under Armour that will upgrade your workout look sans the effort.

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Hot Fuzz

This is the ultimate combo of cosy and chic. It’s a trend that was no doubt started by someone who loved the idea of wrapping themselves in their favourite comfy blanket and just… leaving the house. From full teddy ensembles to retro trims, you can rock these to a fancy dinner, when running errands or even working out (we’re looking at the gorgeous Salomon jacket for this one). We love a versatile and hard-working piece!

Power Prints

woman in a bold print coat winter jackets

Outfit too basic? Amp it up by throwing over a power-printed jacket, making you look instantly chic and toasty. Almost all of these pieces are from local brands (local *is* lekker) and you’ll no doubt be stopped in the street by strangers with a “Sorry, but where did you get that jacket?”

And we can’t forget the adidas puffer that combines a cute print (red is a seriously hot colour this season btw) with uber puffiness and length. It’s basically a wearable sleeping bag and we can’t get enough of it!

High Flyers

Ummmm, you didn’t think we could all sit through that scene in Top Gun with Miles Teller on the beach and somehow not end up being influenced? Aviator jackets are all over the internet and winter Pinterest boards alike and we aren’t made about it at all. There’s one in every neutral shade you could dream of and there are various lengths, too, so you’re bound to find something you love. Anyone up for rewatching Top Gun?

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Boyfriend Bombers

Forget stealing your partner or friend’s hoodie, we’ve moved onto greater things and it’s got a name “the boyfriend bomber”. Look out for durable-looking materials, structured silhouettes and something that looks like it would be worn beside a race track. Sure, you can steal something from your boyfriend, husband, brother or guy mate but if their style is uhhh… questionable or you want something different, we recommend these stand-out stars.

*Photography: Yannis Davy Guibenga & Supplied

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