Autumn Style: Make Summer Looks Last With These Pro Tips

by | Apr 10, 2023 | Style

When transitioning your wardrobe from summer to autumn style, it’s easy to think you’ll need to go shopping for a cupboard full of long-sleeved shirts and jerseys. Not so, according to the pros. Your summer staples can work harder for you in autumn and beyond, given you lean into a few tips.

Layer It Up

“Layering is the smartest way to bring summer to winter,” says stylist Robin-Jade Carolus. “Layer your favourite summer blouses under a knit, then add a coat or jacket. Another way of layering is to add a long-sleeve blouse, tee or knit under all your strappy dresses from last season. And then my favourite, layering dresses over pants.”

Striped T-Shirt
Drop shoulder trench coat
The Fix Milk Cardigan

Add a blazer

This season’s hottest item is the blazer. Backed by professionals, toss this over a relaxed look to elevate a casual outfit. “Classic tailoring is making a comeback and a blazer is the perfect investment for winter. This season we are opting for a boxy, oversized fit,” says Robin-Jade. “The blazer can be paired with many of your Summer faves, crop tops, graphic tees and even thrown over your favourite Summer dress. Pro-tip: for an even warmer autumn-worthy look, choose a blazer with a check print.”

H&M Single-breasted blazer
Lofty Jumper
Exact Brown Pleather Leggings

Go for the no-pants look

An old favourite. Wearing tights with your summer wardrobe is always a go-to in winter. “This season, fashion is pushing the boundaries of this staple with the no-pants look,” says Robin-Jade. “The idea is to wear extra short shorts, giving the illusion of not wearing pants. No pants are the best pants anyway.”

H&M Oversized shirt
The Fix Oversized Jumper
Poetry Rossi Boot

Replace your sandals with boots

Another trend we’ll be seeing a lot of this season? Knee-high boots. “Replacing your sandals with a pair of knee-highs can take any summer hemline into winter, from mini skirts and shorts to maxi skirts and dresses,” says Robin-Jade. The swap not only keeps you warm, but it also makes you look hot.”

Mareth Colleen Trixi Dress
Miss Black Tassy knee-length boot
Hanna Platform Calf Boot

Elevate your blazer

“A black blazer is a timeless classic which which can be dressed up or down, it is the perfect add on to any outfit,” says stylist Wagheeba January. Pair this with a white shirt. “This timeless piece is a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe and is the perfect transition piece in your wardrobe. The white shirt can be paired with anything from a long denim skirt, denim jacket, and denims to tailored trousers and even a leather jacket.”

Cotton On Ultimate Casual Blazer
Exact white airflow shirt
Low Rise Boyfriend Jeans

Try leatherette shorts

“A pair of leatherette shorts is versatile and a timeless addition to any stylish wardrobe. Pair it with a cardigan, stockings and ankle boots and you’re ready to slay the day,” says Wagheeba.

Buckle detailed shorts
Zara cardigan
Ackermans ankle boot

Pair your tights with dresses

“A simple tights is the perfect transitioning piece,” says Wagheeba. “It perfectly ties together looks that include both summer and autumn pieces to create an effortlessly stylish look.” Pair yours with your sundress and a denim jacket or trench coat.

Mr Price flare mini dress
Zara denim jacket

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