This High-Tech Nail Polish Can Tell If Your Drink Has Been Spiked

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Nails

Yup, we are introducing to you a nail polish that not only makes your hands look sleek, but wait for it… detects if your drink has been spiked or not when you’re out partying! Real talk.

What? Who? Where?

Four male (yes male) engineering students in the US have just made turning up a bit safer. Hey “a bit” is better then nothing! They are developing a nail polish that will change colour when the wearer’s drink is being spiked with a date rape drug. Talk about beauty with a cause.

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What It Actually Does?

This ‘magical’ nail polish is made under the brand Undercover Colours, is being developed as a way to ensure that young women can protect themselves from rape traps. The company says the nail polish will react to date rape drugs such as Rohymnol, Xanax and GHB, discreetly alerting the woman that her drink has been spiked.

So How Does It Work?

So all you do really is put on this nail polish at home and when you get to the bar, party or club — you simply stir your drink with your finger. If the nail varnish changes colour, you’ll know that something that shouldn’t be there is there. And you cannot drink that anymore.

Did Undercover Colors manage to pull off the prototype they were developing? Well, yes and no. The nail polish proved impossible to perfect, but the company has now released a detection device that seems nearly as convenient to use. It’s roughly the size of a coin, easily attached to a keyring, and works in much the same way as a pregnancy test.


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Why The Need To Develop A Detection Test In The First Place?

“1 in 6 women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime. This unthinkable problem has reached epidemic levels on college campuses. And something must be done about it. Power must be handed back to women in what is a devastatingly powerless situation,” they say on Undercover Colours website.

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