4 Nail Trends You Have To Try This Year

by | Mar 7, 2019 | Nails

There’s just something about a manicure… Whether you’re into neutrals or go all out like Cardi B, who doesn’t love a good mani? If you’re sick of your usual style and looking to jump on one of the 2019 nail trends, we’ve narrowed down the top picks for this year.

Negative Space

Move over fully painted nails. Negative space nails have been on the scene for a while, but this year they got a bit of a revamp with fun shapes and designs. Play around with the dimensions and placements by trying something like these graphic designs.


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With a sheer, tonal base, Freeze Frame is as soft as it is striking and graphic.✔️

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Bold Colour

You know those bright colours that are always left in the bargain bin? Well, it’s time to get digging. Bright bold colours are so hot right now, so why not jump on the slime-green bandwagon or give bright happy yellow a swing.



Shine like the diamond you are with full glitter nails, or just add a bit of sparkle by combining trends like negative space and bold colour – win!

Animal Prints

Animal prints are back in baby! The fashion world went wild with leopard print on the runway this season, and the nail trends are following. Mix it up by trying out cheetah spots or Dalmatian prints.

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