4 Natural Sweeteners To Try If You’re Not A Fan Of Honey

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Food & Nutrition

Avoiding honey because you’re a vegan – or simply don’t like it? There is a way to occasionally satisfy your sweet tooth without hurting your health too much. Try these natural sweetener alternatives for a start…

Biona Date Syrup – Squeezy Organic


Date syrup (also called date honey) is used in many North African or Middle Eastern recipes. Made from 100 percent dates, it’s sweeter than table sugar but less sweet than agave and honey. Low in fat and high in fibre (bonus!), it makes a great alternative to sugary golden syrups.

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Chaloner Maple Syrup Grade A: Organic Dark & Delicious


Chaloner’s Grade A Organic Maple Syrup is 100 percent pure, low-GI and packs antioxidants, flavonols and trace minerals. We also love that there’s no artificial maple flavouring in this one. But use it in moderation, guys…

Nature’s Choice Organic Coconut Sugar

coconut-palm-sugarCoconut sugar has roughly half the glycaemic index of cane sugar, so it impacts blood glucose levels more slowly. It also contains dietary fibre, called inulin, which helps to promote the growth of gut flora. Made from the sap of coconut blossoms, this one is all-natural and certified organic.

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Health Connection Organic Agave Syrup


About 30 percent sweeter than table sugar, gave syrup is also a safer choice for diabetics and the perfect honey substitute for vegans. And don’t fret – it dissolves quickly and easily, so it works well for coffee and tea.

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