3 Things New Couples Should Always Do, According To The Experts

by | Oct 9, 2018 | Sex & Love

The first few months can be a tricky time for new couples. Which is why “getting naked” is so important. But hold up – we’re not talking about clothes. When it comes to real and lasting intimacy, getting naked with your feelings is the secret to growing closer, boosting happiness and making sure your soul truly has a mate.

No budding relationship can move forward if you keep it all inside. Anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher spills three ways to get on the same communication page – from the very start.

Be Selective

Especially with new people, we harp on anything slightly negative they say about us and vice versa. “In the end, you’re trying to build and improve a relationship, so only bring up things that can be changed.” His raucous laughter? No. Last-minute planning? Yes.

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Think About Timing

Talking about feelings can seem dramatic for new couples. So do it when there’s a natural end to the conversation, like on your way to the movies. “They don’t have to respond immediately and you get a chance to feel out their initial reaction before you get into the actual talk.”

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Reward Good Behaviour

Every time he gets emotionally intimate with you (shares something about himself, asks more about you), commend him for it. Say: “You make me feel so special when you talk about [blank].” Don’t get mad when he doesn’t; just ignore it. “They quickly get the point.”

Couples goals… sorted.

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