These New Crystal Dildos Claim To Have Healing Powers

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Sex & Love

by Alice Paulse

We’re seen some weird sex toys and it’s about to get even weirder. 

Here to make your vagina a magical place — crystal dildos have been introduced into the sex toy family! And no… we’re not kidding.

Here is one sex toy we did not see coming (hah!)  We are all aware that healing crystals have been a trend for a while now, and we sure you’re come across people who swear by their ‘calming’ effect, as we have. Some of those people choose to harness the rocks’ energy in the form of jewellery or décor. One inventive company has taken the ‘healing’ power of these crystals to the next level.

Chakrubs produces handmade dildos made from precious minerals like rose quartz and pure amethyst, which each provide their own therapeutic properties. They refer to itself as “the original crystal sex toy company”.

Why Crystal Dildos?

Uhm, who would say no to a beautiful sex toy? According to the company’s creator, Vanessa Cuccia, who founded Chakrubs with a desire to explore her own sensuality in a new way. The usual dildos just weren’t cutting it for her any longer. So she decided to turn to the crystals. “I wanted something that would allow me to tune in, to turn on, and crystals were a natural choice,” she said.

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Although there was some confusion at first, the company’s website is now filled with die-hard Chakrub lovers who swore by the product and it’s ‘healing powers’.

Wondering If There Are Any Benefits?

According to the company’s website, they state that:

Using these intriguing toys results in “learning to quiet the mind in order to feel subtle energies…Mmmm.
Develop emotional intelligence.
Strengthen self-awareness and accept every aspect of who you are.

And in case you’re not sold yet, it also goes on to explain that using these pretty crystal dildos “not only gets you off, but turns you on in a way which you will remain turned on and awakened with a renewed sense of self-awareness and wisdom”(wink wink).

The Sliver Lining

Well, besides the obvious? The best part is that they can double as home décor, so you completely avoid the semi-awkward moment when a visitor spots your self-pleasuring gadget on your beside table. Score!

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But before you sit back and hop on the Crystal Express train, make sure to check with your gynaecologist before investing in a Chakrub toy because we wouldn’t want to end up with bacterial vaginosis or toxic shock syndrome.

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