This Collection Will Literally Take Your Summer Hikes To The Next Level

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Style

What do you think of the new Hu Series by adidas and Pharrell Williams?

adidas Originals and Pharrell Williams have taken fashion to new heights, specifically to the hiking trails. Introducing the fashionable and functional Hu Series, inspired by the Eighties and LA’s hiking culture. Think colour blocking, retro and scouts club. We love it.

Hu Said Hiking Isn’t Fashionable?

The Hu series was originally inspired by the Native Americans of North Dakota with the intention of exploring humanity and celebrating diversity worldwide. The idiom of walking in another man’s shoes comes alive in the exploration of other cultures in this series. Pharrell aims to bring people together and to get us to understand each other on a deeper level.

Before we get too deep and whimsical, let’s talk fashion. This new chapter of the Hu series travels back in time to the colourful Eighties, with a splash of hiking and scouts uniform. This line of retro outdoor aesthetics with accents of playful colour, comes with wind- and water-resistance to protect you from the elements. Yes, you can actually take this fashionable range onto the mountains. Performance and style — exciting, right?

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HU hiking fashion

The first item you will be itching to get your hands on is the Hu NMD TR. The return of Pharrell Williams’ Hu NMD Silhouettes, but this time looking like any hiker’s dream shoe. With the same Primeknit construction and cage stabiliser to provide support and comfort, these kicks also come with sawtooth tooling for extra grip on the trails. You could even take these bad boys out trail running. How cool?

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HU hiking fashion

To complete this killer look, say hello to some simple yet head-turning t-shirts and hiking leggings that are complemented with outwear designs, such as a hiking gilet, 3 layer jacket and hooded sweatshirt, all embroidered with scout-like patches. And of course, a Pharrell Williams touch running through out.

Why we love this look? Um… who doesn’t want to look like a runway model while exploring the many hiking trails of South Africa? And with such eye-catching design, you’re definitely going to turn a few heads.

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